Spice Girls

Is anyone going to explain or not.. why is Geri not going to perform with them again?
What I’m getting from it all is that, during SW19 she was very conscious about looking silly or showing too much skin (which a lot have speculated it due to Christian’s posh family/influence). She then got slated by the fanbase mostly as a result of her posher persona during the tour, which people are speculating is putting her off performing again. Christian has recently has been in some bother, which if leads to them breaking up, may lead to Geri feeling less pressure to be prim and proper which may lead her back to the Spice Girls.

I think this is what it is based on me following the jyst of the posts in here
For all the Spice performances that are iconic (Brit Awards, Olympics), epic (If U Can't Dance in Istanbul) or just personal/nostalgic favourites (TOTP performances, Spice Up Your Life at the National Lottery), this one really has a special place in my heart. I go back to it over and over again.

Even though Geri isn't there, it's still such a moment in Spice history for me, and marks the end of a magical era.
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That headline is going to rub so many up the wrong way.
Say You’ll Be There has been given the Postmodern Jukebox treatment

Iconic is thrown around quite easily but, with most of the Spice Girls very short videography, Say You'll Be There really is iconic. The video, the looks, the song, they all get to shine and every single one of them TAKES their moment. It was all just perfect. I still think it's their best song with Viva Forever.

But this isn't it.