Spice Girls

I’d hardly call her a loser. A member of the most successful girl group of all time, enjoyed a brief but successful solo music career and just released a successful novel that was a New York Times bestseller with a sequel coming.

As for her personal life it’s been under a ton of scrutiny recently and everyone has an opinion but she’s dealt with it with class and decorum.

I see no loser attributes with Geri. An all round success story for a girl from the background she grew up in.

Yikes. Well aware of her achievements, it was just a joke sis! Mainly in relation to her far from original Spice persona but also her trash Tory Britain views and aristocratic cosplay. But if you do wanna talk about "grace and decorum" her personal life has actually been in question since she got with the father of a newborn baby.

Anyway, gorgeous to see the five of them together for a purely friendly occasion. Love is the only light etc!
Yikes. Well aware of her achievements, it was just a joke sis!

It wasn’t funny.

Calling someone a loser is anything but a joke it’s offensive and if you find using that word comical you need to rethink.

I won’t go there with the how she and Christian got together scenario either as I wasn’t there to witness things from the inside. Being judgmental is clearly another thing you do wrong in my eyes.


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I saw that clip as I was waking up and assumed it was old as Geri looked like she's in a wedding dress dd. The power all 5 of them all together is unmistakable.