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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Probably not, I think Stop was much more instant and grabbing. It was down to overkill of fans pockets what had done it by then, they had a product in every aisle of ASDA by the time Spiceworld came out. -I remember being so pissed that they only sold girls Spice platform trainers.

    Much as I love nostalgia and think it is a flawless song, I don't think it would have done any better and I'm certainly more grateful they didn't drop Viva Forever as the other A-Side than vice versa.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Stop was a single, needless to say for the dance moves alone!! Just wondered if it would've have just sold that little bit more to top the charts.
  3. I *rue* the day that people started buying Run DMC to keep them off the charts too. It had to happen sooner or later. Sad face.
  4. Its interesting that Stop was planned as a single so far in advance as Geri called it a forthcoming single during the taping of the November 97 Audience With show.

    They obviously hadn't planned a fourth single at that point though otherwise they'd have performed Viva Forever/NGUOTGT aswell.
  5. I might have dreamed it but I swear one of the girls said it was about Geri.
  6. I was always so sure in my youth that the only reason Geri left was because Stop wasn't a number 1, and she could foresee the decline of the Spice Girls, so left whilst they whilst they were 'on top'.
  7. I think part of that was true. She did want to go out on top.
  8. Pat


    I still think that, Geri always has been obsessed with chart positions and especially number ones. Sure, the fact she wasn't happy anymore in the group played a much bigger role, but I wouldn't put it past her that she assumed they were declining because they didn't hit #1 anymore. When you think about it, even if Geri had stayed, I doubt 'Viva Forever' would have sold the way it and would have went to #1. Considering the fact it was the last single including Geri must have played a big part in it's success.
  9. duckface

    duckface Guest

    How ironic, then, that her presence on it was so minimal that they could mime to it as a four-piece.
  10. Did 'Stop' sell badly or any different to their previous singles tho? I'd imagine it did just as well as any of their other singles they just unfortunately picked the week of that massive Run DMC song to release.
  11. As perfect as Viva Forever is Emma could have easily split her opening line with Geri

    Geri could have sung "Do you still remember how we used to be feeling together believing whatever my love has said to me" Em could have done backing vocals to her solo if need be same as she does on Headlines.
  12. Pat


    I think it's their lowest selling single besides Holler and Headlines.
  13. But it's their best song *whimpers*
  14. Pat


    To be fair, it was the third single of an already successful album, which was out for over three months by the time Stop was released. So even to get to the #2 spot can be considered a great feat.
  15. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Bless the days when a #2 single was The Worst Thing In The World.
  16. I will take comfort in this. I also have a love/hate relationship with the music video of 'Stop', the concept doesn't fit the song in the slightest but I still like the set up but it deserves so much better but it's still a great video. So much confusing emotions.
  17. Pat


    And now it's a thing The Saturdays can only dream of.
  18. It's interesting that Geri never had any significant parts on most of the ballads that they released as singles.
  19. If you look at timings, the wheels fell off the Spice Machine when they went on tour. Whilst some thrived (Mel B and Vicky) others suffered under pressure both privately and publicly (Mel C and Geri). I'm pretty sure Geri would have carried on had they got through the tour and had a break, she was obviously burnt out, and I totally sided with her during that time because she seemed really lost. It DID look like Mel B was mean to her and that probably became progressively worse throughout the live shows and that inflating ego she had from 98-2001.

    Apparently Fuller had planned a Movie about the tour for the following year which would have kept things ticking over during pregnancies and weddings. So it could have all been very different.
  20. Well she left before Goodbye & LLLTW so that explains her absence there.

    2 Become 1 see's her feature with Emma in the chorus her voice is very audible if you listen closely + she has her solo on the original version.

    Too Much she has her solo + her voice is recognisable on the "Understand understand" part

    Mama you can hear her very clearly in the bridge before the chorus.

    Viva Forever I don't believe she can be heard on at all (and I have tried lol)
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