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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

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    Surely they wouldn't do that?? Would they??

    Milky x
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    loooooooooooooooooooool! The sad thing is i could see that actually happening!
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    This is a bad idea.
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    It's a horrendous idea. But the reality being I think its highly unlikely they'll all write/record together again, I can't imagine there being many unreleased recordings from the Geri era and the GH is going to need something new/different to promote it.
  5. Jon


    Re: Spice Girls

    Yes, it says something - it says that you are incredibly misinformed.

    The five Grls have only got together once since 1998 - at Victoria's house in 2003 for a meal, and they have all said since that no reunion was discussed, it was just a meal between friends to reminisce about old times.

    At the end of 2004 the Girls except Melanie B (who was in LA) met at Victoria's house again for a christening party for Brooklyn and Romeo.

    Since the end of 2004 (off the top of my head, and obviously only the ones we know of from the press) here's the situation with regards to the Girls meeting up with each other...

    - Victoria and Melanie C (Madrid while Melanie was promoting her latest album. It was said afterwards that the two of them decided a reunion was a bad idea, but who knows whether this is true or not?)
    - Victoria and Geri (dining in London and LA while Geri was pregnant, and Victoria visited Geri's new pad in London the other day to see Bluebell Madonna)
    - Victoria and Emma (in Monaco last year for Fashion Rocks)
    - Geri and Emma (LA while Geri was pregnant, papped at a restaurant/bar together, and at George Michael's house for Geri's baby shower)
    - Melanie C and Emma would doubtless have seen each other throughout 2005 until Emma moved out of the apartment block they both lived in

    Fascinating, isn't it? Haha.

    Anyway, the latest news straight from one of the Girls' mouths is that a) there are no plans at present for ANYTHING, and b) it's not just Melanie C but two of the Girls who are objecting to a reunion.
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    Geri has no plans for anything career-related at present because of the little thing called being a new mother.

    I doubt they will even meet up for a dinner to celebrate their anniversary because they are all over the place and busy...Mel C promoting FDOML (Portuguese version) in the Azores, Emma in some basement recording studio, Victoria dotting between cities, Mel B submerged in the LA metro-sea....
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    The fact that not one of the girls wanted to take part in the GMTV 10 year anniversary of the Spice Girls first performance says quite a lot too. Apparently all five of the girls were invited to either come on GMTV or to record something for the show and they all declined.

    Milky x
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    Hopefully that ends her supposed Greatest Hits album The Best Of Geri.

    Ugh! I can't think of anything worse than that record.
  9. Re: Spice Girls

  10. Re: Spice Girls

    Hahaha!! Surely that would only contain 3 songs??

    Total Eclipse Of The Heart
    Don't Play That Song Again
    Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006

    At least it would be only £1.99 then...

    Milky x
  11. Re: Spice Girls

    While I'd love for the Spice Girls to reunite for a few songs, I think they need a Greatest Hits collection out. If they can't record a new song or two, perhaps they could get a new remix of Never Give Up On The Good Times and release that as a single?

    It would also be nice to have some odd tracks available. Personally, I love the Channel 5 song! I find myself singing it sometimes. There were some other songs like W.O.M.A.N that never surfaced. I was never able to track down the Thunderpuss remix of Tell Me Why.

    So a Greatest Hits and Rare CDs are what I really, really want.
  12. Re: Spice Girls

    The Thunderpuss mix of Tell Me Why goes on for too long, it needs to be seriously edited.

    Milky x
  13. MC


    Re: Spice Girls

    Mel C and Emma live in apartments? Why don't they have giant size castles to live in?
  14. Re: Spice Girls

    There are short versions of the Tell Me Why club mixes by Jonathan Peters and Thunderpuss - I have three Thunderpuss radio edits! They were issued on promo CDRs at the time.

    We ache for a proper greatest hits and DVD!
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    Some people claim "Tell Me Why" is about Mel C even though she's on it!
  16. Re: Spice Girls

    Do the girls not like eachother? embarassed of being spice girls? what exactly stops them from reuniting? They should jump at the chance to give their fans something new...
  17. james1986

    james1986 Guest

    Re: Spice Girls

    The Spice Girls all ust love each other. They all were at the birth of Geri's baby.

    I think to be honest with you that they have arranged a reunion ages ago but they are teasing the public. I think they are going to do a tour early nexy year.

    If they do a reunion it will be much bigger than what Take That done.

    From James
  18. sesamekitten

    sesamekitten Guest

    Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    Well it would be great, and I agree it could be even bigger than Take That - the Spice Girls cracked the US remember.

    But if they're going to do anything including Geri it probably won't be for a few months now while she takes maternity leave.
  19. james1986

    james1986 Guest

    Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    I agree. She does not want to miss out on the first important things of her kids life.

    She should spend some quality time with her baby first.

    I think they will do a World tour. Tickets would sell out in minutes!

    Come on girls we are waiting for your come back.

    The pop industry needs you back!

  20. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    Am I the only person who actually doesn't want this come back? I just think it would be wholly unneccesary. I was a big Spice Girls fan but after Geri left (Which was what, 7/8 years ago) I just lost interest. I can't especially see it being anywhere near as succesful as Take That anyway. Remember, Take That quit while they were pretty much still at the top of their game. The Spice Girls ended after the horrendous Forever era, showing the public interest in them was already waining, whereas in Take That it was not. I think it would feel a bit "fake" anyway, as a couple of the Girls have said on numerous occasions they don't want to do it, so it would be more than obvious that were doing it just for the money.
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