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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    While I think it would be lovely for them to have never gone away, I don't think a comeback would be any good unless it was a one-off charity single-greatest hits album-tour combo.

    The gap they've left has never really been filled, but they did leave the gap, seemingly because they'd had enough. It would be naïve to think that they'd be returning for the love of being the Spice Girls.
  2. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    I'm in two minds about a reunion. If its done properly I'm all for it. If its done half-assed there is no point.

    This is how it should be done:

    I'd want a Greatest Hits compilation that shows the journey of the different phases of the Spice Girls:

    Phase 1 - "Touch" - Demos and tracks from that era
    Surely there must be stuff that can be mastered and mixed for release??

    Phase 2 - "Spice" - Wannabe through to Mama/Who Do You Think You Are

    Phase 3 - "Indorsements/Promotions" - Step To Me, My Strongest Suit etc

    Phase 4 - "SpiceWorld" - Spice Up Your Life through to Viva Forever

    Phase 5 - "What never was" - The Dublin tracks with Geri

    Phase 6 - "Goodbye" - Goodbye & Tell Me Why

    Phase 7 - "Forever" - Holler & Let Love Lead The Way

    Phase 8 - "Reunion" - New tracks

    A documentary entitled "Right Back Atcha"

    A concert tour similar to the format of the Earls Court concerts with new tracks and a few of the girls solo tracks.

    Milky x
  3. Re: Spice Girls

    They werent all at the birth at all.. i dont think any of them were
  4. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    One of them must have been.
  5. Jon


    Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    None of them were.
  6. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    Where was Geri then?

    Okay okay, you've got me on a technicality, but they did say 'once a Spice Girl, always a Spice Girl...'
  7. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    I agree wholeheartedly. The girls were very of their time but their music has dated and public perception of them has changed due to their largely unsuccessful solo careers.

    I think it's time we sought out new pop heroes rather than scratching at the tombstones of those long gone.
  8. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    I sadly concur. Their music is horribly dated! Musically I prefer Girls Aloud but image wise the Spice Girls were perfect even if Baby Spice and Sporty Spice are absolutely cringing now.
  9. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    The thing with the Spice Girls music is that it was very much of the moment and was meant to be throwaway so of course its dated. I'm sure the same will be said of Girls Aloud in a few years time.

    As much as I love Girls Aloud I have to say that the secret to their success is Xenomania. Imagine an album co-written by Girls Aloud?? I think there would be quite a few shockers on there.

    There is no reason why Xenomania couldn't give a newly reformed Spice Girls a new lease of life and bring them up to date.

    Milky x
  10. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    I would love 'Strongest Suit' to be released in some way - it really was a great upbeat track.

    Rumours of Victoria Beckham hosting a reunion dinner with all 4 other girls is meant to be happening this month which is rather exciting - if they are all up for it, then maybe it will happen. But i'd want it to be a one off, and for them not to do a Take That and decide to stick around and record a new album. But the fans want a proper goodbye, and i really would like a documentary as it would be interesting to see.
  11. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    Isn't My Strongest Suit the song where they talk about overwearing their underwear?
  12. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    Yeah, it was taken from the Aida soundtrack album. Rather genius if you ask me.
  13. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    I'll believe this only 1 year after it actually happens. x
  14. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    Erm, because everything they ever print is fabricated and they've been doing it ever since it was first published??

    Milky x
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    I don't know how you can say the Spice Girls music has dated and then say you prefer Girls Aloud music. Sound of the Underground and No Good Advice are already horribly dated.

    I think I'd rather listen to pop gems like Say You'll Be There, 2 Become 1, Who Do You Think You Are, Viva Forever etc compared to such 'masterpieces' as The Show, Jump and I'll Stand By You.
  16. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    I love those Spice Girls songs too. It's just my personal preference. I don't think Sound Of The Underground is dated at all, No Good Advice isn't either. Wannabe is very 90s sounding, horribly dated but not a bad song. I don't really listen to the Spice Girls anymore but I still love them even though a lot of their songs are shite. Mama is just crap.

    I'll Stand By You is shit too.
  17. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    The upbeat tracks from the Spice Girls will still be played at weddings, parties and clubs for a long time to come. Though they may sound very 90's it will be that which will keep them being played as it will be a nostalgia thing.

    As I said before, I doubt many of the Girls Aloud tracks will age very well either as they are too very much of the moment.

    With regards to slower tracks by pop groups like "Mama" and "I Stand By You", they never sound good after they've been initally released.

    Milky x
  18. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

  19. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    i very much disagree actually.
    while I love the upbeat Spice Girls tracks (Who Do You Think You Are, Stop, SYBT...), what strikes me more and more over the years is how great their ballads were (only the best ones, obviously..), and how there really aren't many great pop ballads being released any more.

    2 Become 1, Goodbye, Viva Forever... they still stand up. Just don't hear such memorable, sing-a-long-able sad songs from mainstream pop groups anymore IMO.
    Mama is obviously crap though!
  20. I saw Say You'll Be There today on flaunt.. and to me that song/video looked/sounded like it could be released now.. so i dont think that song has dated, perhaps wannabe.. but that was different in style to all the other songs anyhow.
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