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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Jesus Christ, this thread.
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  2. Victoria has remained in the spotlight for being the wife of a David Beckham. Liz, Mutya, Carmit, Nadine, Una, Michelle W and Shaznay would have been as popular as any of your tabloid celebrities had they married David Beckham.

    I'd rather choose to be a has been who had actual solo hits (no feature singles with Matt Cardle, Lisa Lopes and Bryan Adams) than be seen as some famous soccer player's wife.

    So yeah keep throwing that #QueenofSpice hashtag around here, as if the other three (Gem), are that inferior to Obe Spice.
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  3. I know! Geri needs to bake a special pie for those few fans....a HUMBLE PIE. #VictoryBeckhamOBE
  4. I will gladly take Geri's pies as Victoria doesn't even "design" clothes for men. Though I will gladly accept a perfume from David.
  5. Is a stream of @Kirkland's raving praise of Victoria once you put the two trolls on Ignore.
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  6. Not even Judge Judy could take issue with this statement of fact, though I prefer words such as 'reasonable', 'fair', and 'balanced' rather than raving. I haven't been a raver for years because of my hips.
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  7. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I love how mad Victoria makes people, she's utterly brilliant.
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  8. When fans call her The Queen of Spice, it's because she's more successful than the others. She has kept herself out there and hasn't had to rely on botched reunions, terrible reality TV, judging people every week forever and ever on a Cowell reality show, or make bad pop music that even Dawn French can't stand. Posh reinvented herself and that's why she has continued to be the only Spice Girl that truly interests and intriques the public.

    The only thing she's doing wrong in the eyes of a small minority of Spice Fans is be massively successful instead of failing like they expected or wanted.
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  9. How are you a fan of the Spice Girls when you continue to make false, over the top statements like this. It's becoming very old and it's making this thread unbearable. Also, your constant putdowns towards Melanie C is childish.
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  10. Geri has the least amount of Instagram + Twitter followers. Pathetic how you have to make up lies to put down Melanie C.
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  11. You're doing Victoria a massive discredit calling her Queen of a defunct girl-band though. She's far more than that in a completely different arena. Yes if the Spice Girls were some weird Hunger Games or Battle Royale she would "win" - but putting down the other girls at her expense is a bit tacky, no?
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  12. But the same could be said of other posters on this forum (and fan fora everywhere) without singling me out. You can see it in this very page! The #VictoryParade may seem one-sided, but that's because Vicky B is my favourite Spice Girl. Evidently I would post in her favour. I'm a fan of Mel C too. If insecure fans get upset over certain things that are happening for Victoria, that's not my fault. I agree she's more than just a Spice Girl though. As for the others...I'm not keen on some of their career choices. And that's my prerogative. Not every fan has to be keen on Victoria's choices and that's fine. It has no impact on me or #VictoriaOBEckham.
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  13. Aww, I wasn't singling you out, but as a fan of VB there's no need to stoop to the level of some members in here do. It's lower than some of the girls solo chart positions (and I say this as a HUGE MEL C FAN).

    I'd just like to see a bit more chat about the Spice Girls as a unit in here, none of the girls seem to shade or resent each other so why are the fans? #AllYouNeedIsPositivity/AnOBE
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  14. Oh my goodness. Genius. I think we can all celebrate Victoria and the others in this thread. There's room for all.

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  15. Geri has more than 400 thousand Instagram followers, while the other one has less than 250 thousand.

    About Twitter followers, I forgot that the other one had more though Geri registered her account so late, which explains why the other one is the fourth most followed Spice Girl on Twitter.

    Anyway, the point is being more popular isn't the basis of who's the best Spice Girl which is what Kirkland is trying to say again and again.
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  16. I know that Victoria has 11.7 MILLION followers on Twitter. Mind-boggling. I'm genuinely astonished when I see that number, but it makes sense she would be the most popular of the Spice Girls online. I don't know if she's the most popular on Instagram though. #VictoryBeckhamOBE #atriptoBeckinghamPalace
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  17. Apparently, the other four aren't hardworking enough...

    And you wonder why people are reacting negatively to your posts.
  18. She is the hardest working IN MY OPINION. Don't let it irk you so much. Maybe the others are less visible because they're the studio somewhere. Maybe. And if you think people (where?) are reacting negatively to positive praising posts then perhaps we should look at how people feel about you not even dignifying Mel C with her name? It doesn't bother me either way. If that's what you want to do, do it, but you don't have any right to get cross when people heap praise instead of shit on Victoria.
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  19. Now, according to a report in Page Six, we have official confirmation that the reunion is back in the works thanks to Mel B's impending divorce from her soon-to-be ex-husband Stephen Belafonte. According to the report, Belafonte's "controlling influence" had always been an "unnerving presence" for the group. But now that he is out of the picture and Scary Spice is finally free, Ginger Spice confirms, "We're not re-forming immediately, but in the near future."


    Get it together Gem!
  20. Why are you so hostile @PopIsHot?

    You should know by now not to take @Kirkland so seriously.
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