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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. It's cute how Mrs. Victoria Beckham released the best solo Spice single and then retired from music industry.

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  2. HRH


    *was forced to release this bop and then bankrupted her label with her shit "hip hop album"
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  3. The future King asked his poster pin up girl from the nineties if there will be a reunion soon.

  4. #VictoryBeckham ended The Cheeky Girls and Mis-Teeq. Be grateful!
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  5. Let Your Head Go and This Groove are excellent. Two of my favourite solo-Spice singles.
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  6. He's obviously a Spice Girls fan.

    I hope Gem would be enough for him.
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  7. I'm not keen on This Groove but Let Your Head Go is my favourite solo Spice single. The video alone should have won every MTV Video Award in existence.
  8. In light of her OBE for services to fashion and charity, I checked which charities #VictoryBeckhamOBEndlessPlaudits has supported in the past and found the following on another site:

    • BeatBullying
    • Cancer Research UK
    • Children in Need
    • Comic Relief
    • Elton John AIDS Foundation
    • Eva Longoria Foundation
    • Love Our Children USA
    But wait! There's more!
    • Malaria No More
    • National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
    • Prince's Trust
    • Red Cross
    • Sport Relief
    • UNICEF
    • Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust

    My goodness. #QueenOfCharity
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  9. Still the best solo Spice single.
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  10. I'm honestly surprised that the press aren't using this shot for their #VictoryBeckhamOBE coverage. She looks positively regal with the crown.

  11. For me the best solo singles are undoubtfully

    Look at Me
    I Turn to You

    Each taken from the three strongest solo albums.
  12. The best solo spice singles are Mi Chico Latino, What Took You So Long?, It's Raining Men and Feels So Good!

    If I have to choose one of Victoria's singles that I consider the best, its between Out of Your Mind and Not Such an Innocent Girl. The Telstar singles just sound a bit cheap to me.
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  13. Mi Chico Latinos youtube views are really impressive at 4.5 million given that Geri hasn't been an active solo popstar in years. It's hot on the heels of her monster hit It's Raining Mens view count.
  14. My favourite solo Spice singles are Look at Me, Desire, Maybe, and Northen Star. With Word Up, Goin' Down, and Free Me hit on their heals.
  15. HRH


    I still hate It's Raining Men. I was so mad she chose to perform that karaoke cover on tour rather than one of her Schizophonic singles.
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  16. It's her most successful solo single worldwide. I don't like the original version, and I just think Geri's version is so much better. She put her own stamp. The video was also really good. It was like the start of another successful era for her. Too bad, the follow up singles weren't as successful. She should have followed it up with Circles Around the Moon or Strength of a Woman.
  17. Plus she could have likely sang Look at Me live.
  18. So I was watching Wendy, and the Spice Girls reunion was brought up during the Hot Topics section. It's weird that the press keep picking this up, as I don't think they will get anything done with just the three of them. But I hope Gem will surprise me with something amazing again like Song for Her!
  19. This news story about Mel C's pride for #VictoryBeckhamOBE is quite lovely. There's a real friendship and loyalty there between them, isn't there? Girl Power. Anyway...

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  20. This is quite an interesting article. It really helps fans understand Victoria's line of thinking when it comes to her style and how she lives her life. "It's important to stay true to yourself," seems like a cliche, but for #VictoryB it actually works in her favour. Read the article. It's fascinating.


    Her company employs 150 people. Queen of Small Businesses!

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