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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. What did we think of the two alternative names for Forever

    Third Time Around and Spice 2000?

    I really like Third Time Around more than Forever.
  2. Third Time Around was cute, but I think Spice 2000 would have been a great follow up in terms of title to Spice and Spiceworld. As would Spice Forever, or Forever Spice.
  3. HRH


    I've spent 17 years trying to think of a better title than 'Forever'. And nothing. As their final album, it's a perfect title.

    (Although maybe it would have worked better from a promotional angle for a fourth album--'Fourever', '4Ever', etc.)
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  4. Timing was not the only issue I don't know why you keep trying to make it out that way.
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  5. I'm quite happy with the Forever artwork reflecting the actual quality of the album. A bullet dodged for anyone that left that out of the shopping basket!
  6. Which would also play on the fact that there were only four girls too. An En Vogue EV3 tea.
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  7. The spice girl forever cover was indeed flat , boring, and none of the girls looks flattering. I also find the name "forever" rather ironic.
  8. I would have named it as Spice Jams. As it had a couple of R&B jams.
  9. Forever as a whole would have been better remembered if:

    A. It had a better album cover
    B. 2 to 3 more singles
    C. I would have removed Wasting My Time and made it a ten track album just like the first two. While Wasting My Time should have served as a b side.
    D. I guess better marketing too? The visuals weren't just inspired compare to the first two eras. So that blame should go to whoever was handling the marketing.

    Anyway it wasn't gonna come close to the magic they had before even if they gave their 100% to everything, simply because Geri was gone.
  10. Yes, with a few tweaks here and there, and a much better campaign, Forever would have been remembered much better I think. Still a solid album though.
  11. Forever was a lazy album , and I don't think any of the girls but Mel B and Emma cared for it. The promo was poor , and the rest is history.
  12. There was never any excusing this bad photoshopping;
  13. Especially considering she looks good in the original picture!
  14. 'Everything was better when I was 9 so I want everything since then to be similar'-itis is strong with ya'll. Forever was great.
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  15. The one thing I will say about Forever is that it doesn't deserve to be the groups final studio album.

    They can do so much better.

    But yes I can put on Forever, play it in full (skip Wasting My Time and Time Goes By obs) and have an enjoyable listening experience.
  16. GCZ


    I could never find any tolerable artwork from this era for my ITunes so I always just used the black promo cover with Passion written in red. It's better than seeing these Geri photos!
  17. What's with all the Wasting My Time hate? I quite like it.

    Oxygen and Time Goes By on the other hand...
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  18. This is 'better' but her face is still odd.
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  19. Aww, I like the Passion album cover. It's a little bland, considering the kind of album it is, but I think she looks ok and it's a pleasant, simple, cover.
  20. Another thing that I would do for Forever is shorten some of the songs. If You Wanna Have Some Fun is one minute too long. The pop mix of Right Back at Ya should have been used.

    I don't really know what to do with the other ballads like Oxygen, Time Goes By and Weekend Love. I guess make them sound more like the Spice Girls? I wish Spike mixed those songs.
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