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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. And who could blame you?!
  2. Heard Emma's "what took you so long". I'd say that's her best song , and such an exciting time.
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  4. It looks so much better.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Do you feel the way Victoria looks in this shot?

    #VictoryBeckham #VictoriaSuccessful #VictoriaOBEckham #SpiceEmpress #FashionQueen #CoolHaircut
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  7. Very much so! And more!
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  8. She worked hard for her success and that's why we're all so proud of her.
  9. I see you're still doing this.
  10. Apparently we need to be reminded by Victoria Obeckham's success again and again. It still doesn't change the fact that she remains to be the only Spice Girl without a number one solo single!

    #VictoryBeckham #VictoriaSuccessful #VictoriaOBEckham #SpiceZero1s #Celebutant #KillerSmile
  11. Being a fan? Loving talent? Deifying an OBE recipient who has done more to aid the British economy than Theresa May?

    You bet I am! It's good to have nice things to say, isn't it? All those world tours, sold out fashion lines, trips to Buckingham Palace, headlines (friendship never ends), Vogue covers, and new haircuts. I'm not interested in Geri's husband, sadly, so I can't talk about him with any real passion (Geri's third album) so it has to be Victory all the way.
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  12. Outta Your Mind, so should have been though!
  13. If she got to #1 she might have decided to keep trying with pop, releasing terrible songs into her forties. Instead she's a massive success and the success continues...
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  14. Very true also.
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  15. All thanks to being Mrs. Beckham.
  16. Or maybe thanks to being in the world's most successful girl group. Who the fuck cared about David before he married a spice girl anyway? I don't watch football so I can't relate.
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  17. I'm watching old Pete Burns interviews and found this, I am screaming at his Victoria impression. @Kirkland you will appreciate this especially the bits about her being ear spotted! I love that Posh is seemingly a fan of Pete.

    I wish we had footage of him saying "Excuse me do you know who I am?!" to her.
    Also screaming at the beginning of part 2 of the interview, Claudia worryingly asking if he likes J.lo's look and him saying "I think she's a twat!"
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  19. She elevated his celebrity for sure but he most certainly elevated hers in the longrun and it's without question that she would have been no more more famous than the others had she not married him and created brand Beckham which is just that brand Beckham his name first and foremost.

    Btw David was a pretty well known player in 95/96 before he met her in 97 he was a pin up in his own right but obviously dating a Spice Girl at a time when they were biggest band in the world gave the media another angle of which to write about him.
  20. She is only successful cause of the Beckham brand. Her and David were a good ingredient that just worked, plus the media loved writing truth and lies about them "
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