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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Wasn't Victoria (in the group) always the business savvy one? Sure I heard that somewhere.
    She's successful because she's ambitious and worked bloody hard darling!
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  2. Women don't buy clothes because of a brand though. They buy clothes they love and which compliment them. If it was all about branding some of the biggest celebs in the world would be raking it in with their fashion lines but they're not. Two of the biggest celebrity fashion lines are Victoria Beckham and Jessica Simpson and you could argue that both have flopped in music but are incredibly successful with their lines.
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  3. It always surprises me when I hear how successful Jessica's fashion line is.
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  4. You only have to look at the Spice Girls as they are now to see Victoria is clearly the business savvy Spice Girl. There's absolutely no denying the reality of the situation. She's so savvy. Her supreme success and continuing celebrity is a tribute to her hard work and taste.
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  5. Well have to hand it to her she is a success, and the most successful of the spice girls outside music . Congratulations to her
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  6. It also doesn't change the fact the song with the biggest first week sales for a solo Spice Girl single selling 180,584 copies is hers!
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  7. Hers, Danes and Truesteppers.
  8. In that case you could argue that Mel B hasn't had a solo number one as hers featured Missy...
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  9. Not to be nitpicky but Mel was the main artist on that track Missy was the feature same as Victoria on Out of Your Mind.

    But anyway...
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  10. No one bought that record for the Truesteppers or Dane Bowers!
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  11. Yes many bought it because she dragged her hubby to all the single signings.

  12. Yes all the girls and the gays went to see some footballer!
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  13. I don't want to know about the promotion and what Victoria ''did'' and didn't do to have a huge first week sales. I'm talking about the actual sales figures like someone talked about #1's, so that's that.
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  14. There you could be so slightly wrong. Think of Luis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada & Co. Have you ever watched Sex and the City? That's exactly how it is. But it's not about the big celebs - I give you that.

    I like Geri's new song:

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  15. Still had someone else on it regardless which was what you seemed to be arguing...therefore not a solo number one, therefore Queen Victoria isn't on her own. Glad that's settled.
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  16. PREACH. I am not here for the denial of Queen Victoria OBEckham's continued success.
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  17. Geri's instagram doesn't disappoint.

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  18. "I just wanted to say hello. I'm on the train."
  19. I think their first album was the best. Not a single track is ever skipped . The glory days sure are missed
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  20. It still didn't go to #1.
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