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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Neither did a lot of big hits.

    Murder on the Dancefloor, Take on Me, Wonderwall, Angels, Rolling in the Deep etc
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  2. While I agree that it's a bit petty to hang on to the fact it didn't get to number 1 when it was such a huge hit, this is clearly in the context of a conversation about solo Spice number 1's.
  3. Anyhow, what solo Spice songs would you say TODAY have really stood the test of time with the general public? I'd actually go for:

    1. What Took You So Long?
    2. I Turn To You
    3. Raining Men
    4. Never Be The Same Again
    5. Mi Chico Latino/Look At Me/Bag It Up - the latter two more for their memorable singles campaign, Chico because it's part of that summer latin era that probably gains a few plays on playlists/local radio
  4. Out Of Your Mind
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  5. With it's 34k views on Vevo? "Ten below, you're outta of your mind"
  6. "Ice cream, you're outta your mind"
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  7. Mi Chico Latino is the one that most impresses me with its almost 5 million views on youtube. It must still resonate with alot of people.

    Emma's What Took You So Long being at almost 3 million views is really impressive also.

    Mel C has some big youtube hits aswell though she has been an active artist continuously so I find it more interesting with the above two as they haven't performed those songs in many many years.
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  8. Testament Geri was great in her prime and should be aiming to write songs for others now she's lost her pop star drive.

    Without fail I hear that Emma song every time I go somewhere in Europe outside of the UK. - She should really look at getting her second album's tunes on her official account as it is only her 1st and bizarrely 3rd album's singles currently.

    I think it's just as impressive for Mel Career in music (her less popular hits all take a huge dip in views averaging between 300-500k and some fans here are the first to point out she will not doing a stadium tour anytime soon). The GP simply LOVE her most iconic hits from the brightest Northern Star.

    *Also forgot to mention the Bryan Adams feature AND her European smash First Day Of My Life which has surpassed 4 million.
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  9. I think I've proven that going #1 can be grossly overrated sometimes. The charts are a bit more complex than that.
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  10. I'm agreeing with you, I was just saying quoting other huge hits that missed no. 1 wasn't really relevant in a conversation about solo Spice singles. In reference to the post you quoted I mean.
  11. I don't think any of the Spice Girls stand a chance of charting with their solo songs if they were released as new tracks. Rules have changed since their day and you only have to see how Geri's latest single bombed despite George Michael as a selling point. With Victoria being the most powerful and culturally relevant Spice Girl, it would be interesting to see if her music could do better now than back when she was fresh away from the Spice Girls. I'd love her to make music for her own catwalk shows. She's so talented, her success so significant.
  12. It's all relative to the success of the song and how important that #1 really is when a song still does extremely well.
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  13. As I said, I agree. I was just pointing out that the original poster was clinging on to Victoria not being number 1 in reference to solo Spice songs. If we were talking about the size of the hits it's a different conversation.
  14. Okay but the conversation is still about chart performance and actual sales apply to that discussion too.
  15. I was still really impressed that she reached as high as #21 on itunes with Angels in Chains. Mel C only scraped the iTunes top 100 with Anymore and she had Radio 2 support.
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  16. Mi Chico Lation, is still such a classic!
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  17. That's really scraping the barrel.

    I'm more impressed that Mel is still delivering albums and bops.
  18. Stating a fact is scraping the barrel?
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  19. HRH


    Can you guys stop pitting them against each other and just embrace the fact that they are all incredible? It's fair to criticize them when they make a mistake (GERALDINE HALLIWELL,1998) or do something silly (VICTORIA BECKHAM, 2016), but they've all achieved great things as solo entities.
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  20. I'll have to pop along and see her when she tours again. Her live vocals don't disappoint. With luck she performs GaGa. *She won't*
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