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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Re: Reunion Of The Spice Girls

    I think a reunion would be great and highly appreciated by the fans. I was 12 when "wannabe" came out so there was no I way was going to a concert. But now as an adult I'd love to go re-live that moment of child hood, so I have more of a physical memory to share with my kids one day.

    There should definitley be a dvd documenting the journey of the girls from the very beginning to their solo careers and to now.
  2. Personally, I just want the rumours to end and this will only happen with a greatest hits - just get it released and thats the end of it!

    Therefore I would like to see a reunion of sorts - endless speculation and media interest is a reflection that they are still news worthy and the fact the spice girls were in the top 5 best UK acts survey recently just shows there is a large audience out there for them.

    No pop act (yes including Girls aloud) come anywhere near the spice girls success in terms of sales. The spice girls had the whole package - personality, music, publicity etc etc. Yes they were a novelty but a hugely successful and talented one. The Spice and Spice world albums were pure pop heaven and total quality.

    50 million album sales with just 3 albums says it all

    L xxxx
  3. Were they really? You probably still remember the Spice Girls as you do when you were 10. Take another listen and you will see Spice Girls were never really that great.

    I used to love them though.
  4. Amen!
    Many of you are somewhat blinded when it comes to the Spice Girls. Surely some of their tunes (I still love "Stop") were great and they were awesome performers and widely succesful but in terms of music-only the Aloud are way ahead of them. It's not a question if their material will sound dated, it's what happens with music.
  5. I'm 22 now and my brother is 20, and we listened to the first album all the way through this weekend. To my own surprise it was still a blast and still fun, they don't sound anymore dated than early britney tracks. And despite the "cheese" element that get's slapped on them, they have 5 unique personalities.

    When i was little(and sometimes now) we'd pretend we were the spice girls, and everyone had a dynamic persona to pick and fight for. Do you think anyone is ever like "i wanna be michelle from destiny's child?" or "i wanna be melody from PCD?" yeah right.
  6. I'm a bit cynical when it comes to the whole '5 different personalities' thing. I always thought the record company just thought them up and assigned each girl to take on a different persona to create the illusion that they were not just 'faceless pop puppets' as what could be said about Girls Aloud and Pussycat Dolls (I love the Aloud).

    But that is just me.
  7. I get what you mean about the record company aligning them to personalities, but I think they all fit them. They all played up their spice theme but those names kind of fit them in their personal lives and turned them in real life cartoons. I think the whole "spice girls" idea would have flopped way before it did with any other set of girls.
  8. Jon


    The Girls have a lot to thank Peter Loraine for.

    Not having the ----- Spice nicknames wouldn't have dampened their brilliance as a group, but in terms of success and marketability (they even used the names in The Lady Is A Vamp, and look how the Posh moniker has endured!) it was genius.

    I don't want a full reunion. Whenever I think I do it's pure curiosity, and maybe because I'd like to see them live again. But ultimately it would be a disappointment. Like trying to get back together with an old flame.

    A comprehensive documentary and an interview with a hits-medley performance (perhaps on Parkinson, or Jonathan Ross) with all five girls' participation would have been nice to mark the ten year anniversary, and finally give some closure to millions of fans confused by the absence of a break-up statement - but I don't see it happening for ANOTHER ten years.
  10. 'nuf said.
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again, until we get something official from the girls, then I won't believe anything. So they are having dinner, big deal. Only the British press could turn "Spice Girls plan dinner" in to "Spice Girls Tour Confirmed!". And the public believe it. Newton-esque reporting at it's very best.
  12. I did think it was odd that Posh was at that World Cup match, stood with Simon Fuller...
  13. Why? He represents both Beckhams now.
  14. Oh does he? I didn't know that, but now I think it's even more odd.
  15. Victoria went back to him a few years ago and I seem to remember David leaving his old reps SFX for Simon so that 19 could look after his advertising and merchandise portfolio; I'm not sure who does his actual football representation these days.
  16. Jon


    Victoria went back to Simon in July 2003, and David was still managed by SFX until December 2003, then went to Simon. Obviously the move would have been planned ahead of December, but his contract with SFX probably had to be fulfilled.
  17. I find it quite sad the amount of former fans in here that are saying that the Spice Girls were never any good.  I totally disagree.  They made fun pop music that still is as fun today as it was back then.  I've said before that their music will continued to be played at parties, clubs and weddings for years to come much in the same way like ABBA is today.  The thing with pop music like Spice Girls and ABBA is that people get embarrassed about liking it a few years afterwards but when a revival takes place everyone comes out of the closet.  Look what happened to ABBA...

    Milky x
  18. Jon


    It will really annoy me that if the reunion happens everyone will be saying "Oh, I've always loved the Spice Girls!"

    For the most of them, I will feel compelled to reply "Er, no you fucking haven't".
  19. Totally agree with you Jon. The thing is, pop music is fickle - one day you are flavour of the month then you're not. When the Spice Girls launched they were the darlings of the public and the media alike, once the backlash from the media started some of the fans followed. Now former fans appear to be embarrassed about liking the spice Girls but IF there is a reunion or a revival ala ABBA they will all come runnig back.

    Milky x
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