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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I guess it's possible as Geri said they'd be doing "bits and bobs" and this fits in with that instead of the full commitment of a tour.

    Just give us new or unreleased material.
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  2. Melanie C did say recently she was recording material for two albums so...
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  3. KEEP IT. Not that I believe a word of it but Spice Girls aren't Take That, Girls Aloud hell even Steps they cannot reignite the flame that they had because that was original and organic, Imagine the horror of a Brian Higgins (although I love him) or whoever is popping right now in the charts producing a Spice Girls album. It makes no difference if Victory is on board, There should be no new music, Those first 2 albums are untouchable and the 3rd is still better than anything they can muster up today, VooDoo anyone? Reunion tour yes, Album NOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  4. If it’s a compilation, I reckon it’d only be one or two songs max.
  5. Just give me a tour and a couple of new songs queens xx
  6. If I had it my way we would get this

    Rare Spice
    1. Feed Your Love
    2. C U Next Tuesday
    3. Pleasin' Me
    4. The Young & The Restless
    5. Seven Days
    6. W.O.M.A.N.
    7. Overnight
    8. Go Go Go
    9. Spice Is Back
    10. Angels

    Give us those unreleased bops.
  7. Hopefully this lifts Mel B’s spirits.
  8. HRH


    Ugh. I mean, even if this were true, the last time they were in a "semi-committed" state, we ended up with "Forever". Unless they are 100% behind being a group again, I don't want any half-assed new music.

    Not that I believe this news at all. Why 2018, for starters? No one is clamoring for a 22nd anniversary reunion. At least do it in 2021 for the 25th.
  9. Victoria OBEckham really is the key to any success right now. They NEED to keep her happy - and that'll make the fans happy because it'll ensure a proper reunion and not shoddy shitty GEM. This could be the reunion we deserve. I'm not sure about new music though...
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  10. Well I'm excited about this and will remain positive. Even if it's just a rehash of the greatest hits and the one off telly special, the latter alone is worth it.
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  11. To be honest seeing as their last group release was a hits compilation, having another with nothing new seems pointless. The only way I would buy into another hits package is if it was the following

    CD 1: The Hits (Chart & Promotional)

    1. Wannabe (Radio Edit)
    2. Say You’ll Be There (Single Mix)
    3. 2 Become 1 (Single Version)
    4. Mama (Radio Version)
    5. Who’s Do You Think You Are? (Radio Version)
    6. Spice Up Your Life (Stent Radio Mix)
    7. Too Much (Radio Edit)
    8. Stop
    9. Viva Forever (Radio Edit)
    10. Move Over
    11. Step To Me
    12. Goodbye
    13. Holler (Radio Edit)
    14. Let Love Lead The Way (Radio Edit)
    15. If You Wanna Have Some Fun
    16. Tell Me Why
    17. Headline (Friendship Never Ends)

    CD 2: The B-Side & Rarities

    1. Bumper To Bumper
    2. Take Me Home
    3. One Of These Girls
    4. Sleigh Ride
    5. 2 Become 1 (Spanish Version)
    6. Baby Come Round
    7. Spice Invaders
    8. Outer Space Girls
    9. Wall Of Life
    10. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now
    11. Christmas Wrapping
    12. My Strongest Suit
    13. Where Did Out Love Go (Studio Version)
    14. Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves (Studio)
    15. We Are Family (Studio Version)
    16. Leader Of The Gang
    17. Right Back At Ya (Pop Version)
    18. W.O.M.A.N (Studio Version)
    19. Goodbye (Original Version with Geri)

    CD 3: The Unreleased

    1. Feed My Love
    2. Pain Proof
    3. Give You What You Want (If It’s Lovin Thay You Want)
    4. A Day In Your Life
    5. Unreleased Spice track
    6. Unreleased Spice track
    7. Unreleased Spice track
    8. Unreleased Spice track
    9. Unreleased Spiceworld track
    10. Unreleased Spiceworld track
    11. Unreleased Spiceworld track
    12. Unreleased Spiceworld track
    13. Unreleased Spiceworld track
    14. Unreleased Forever track
    15. Unreleased original 3rd album track
    16. Unreleased original 3rd album track
    17. Spice Is Back

    CD 4: Solo Hits

    1. Look At Me
    2. Bag It Up
    3. It’s Raining Men
    4. Tell Me
    5. Feels So Good
    6. Lullaby
    7. What Took You So Long?
    8. Take My Breath Away
    9. We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight
    10. Goin’ Down
    11. Never Be The Same Again
    12. I Turn To You
    13. Not Such An Innocent Girl
    14. A Mind Of It’s Own
    15. I Wish


    All videos and alternate versions including Who Do You Think You Are? (Comic Relief Version) & If You Wanna Have Some Fun
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  12. I keep meaning to ask this, but what are the differences between the album versions and the single versions of Say You’ll Be There and Spice Up Your Life?

    I’d love them to reunite. A one off tv special and compilation album sounds like something Victoria would be more on board for. I just hope there’s something new or previously unreleased coming too.
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  13. 20 years since Geri left? Haha

    maybe it's just a reunion with no anniversary significance. Look at the 2007 reunion that technically should've came a year earlier.
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  14. Justice for W.O.M.A.N
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  15. If it's true, I hope they do it right this time. I was an ecstatic gay like everyone else last time but looking back, it should've been so much more than it was. At least 5 new songs, unreleased stuff, a TOUR DVD, and Victoria's second album in good quality thanks! And please don't let the single (if there is one) be a ballad. I love Headlines but it's just not right.

    They recorded other songs though, which Melanie said were much better than Voodoo. I think they still have it in them, they just need to make better decisions.
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  16. I'm always here for the will they/won't they, and I can see something happening in the next year or two, I guess. Mel C's album is now out of the way, and I imagine they've spoken a lot over the past year with the birth of Geri's son and Mel B's divorce proceedings - major events in their lives seem to reignite the camaraderie - but we do not need another compilation album unless it offers something more than the hits.

    I fear they might go down a "celebration" route, and that might be in the form of a various artists compilation of artists covering their songs and a TV special with these artists covering their songs and maybe one or two performances by the girls themselves. Like an Abbamania. I'm always preparing myself for disappointment.
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  17. There's no rule stating a group can't get back together unless it's the 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th anniversary etc. The girls reunited for their 11th anniversary in 2007. They will reunite when the time is right for them. The casual public won't care if they reunite on a non traditional anniversary year.
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  18. Give me that 'Ultimate Spice Girls' compilation with all the best tracks, unreleased gems, three or four 'Classic' new Spice tracks, a music video and a TV special and girls I'm in heaven.

    Not too taxing a demand for #Victory Beckham to participate in.
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  19. And call it "One Hour of Girl Power! Vol 2."
  20. You know I adore the girls, but they can shove it.

    We've had enough documentaries with the same old interview and behind-the-scenes clips and a re-release of their greatest hits is just insulting.

    If it's not all 5 together in the same room, then don't bother.
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