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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. This so needs to happen! Amazing idea.
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  2. They really need to release a b-sides compilation. It's just a pile of streaming money waiting for them at this point.
  3. A B-Sides one would be much welcome too!
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  4. That'll be difficult as not everyone will get to talk as much.
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  5. If it's all five then I'm all for it. Just do something worthwhile.
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  6. At least then we can admire Victory looking utterly fabulous.
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  7. Harper just needs to get her act together and leak the stuff we haven't got. Take a leaf out of Star-Lily Scott-Lee Henshall's book.
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  8. I read it as a telly special with them performing all their hits, no?
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  9. HRH


    Of course there's no rule, but there's no demand. Unless there's an actual album campaign (which there won't be), the publicity surrounding nostalgia reunions typically revolve around some sort of anniversary that is meaningful to the band and/or to fans.

    I actually think they could create a lot of buzz/publicity if it were that. And of course Geri would love being at the center of it all!
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  10. The disadvantage to this reunion would be that it would be rather dependent on the material/performance and/or release, because the previous reunion did not skimp on the retrospective of their career. As others have said, they can't really retell the same stories again, and nothing relevant of note has really happened since then. Beefing it up/fleshing it out will be a bit more of a challenge.
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  11. HRH


    This would be a awesome! But are there any unreleased Spiceworld tracks? Based on the info we know about the Spice Invaders recording session, I was under the impression the only finished tracks were what ended up on the album and the three B-sides.
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  12. Yeah we'd be more likely to get post-Spiceworld pre-Geri leaving tracks rather than Spiceworld outtakes.
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  13. I am SO sick of these reunion rumours every couple of months.
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  14. What are you talking about? There's always demand for more Spice Girls. They could sell out a tour today if they announced one.
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  15. HRH


    Of course they will always generate interest, but pulling out another Best Of for seemingly no reason feels like a cash grab.

    People like to celebrate anniversaries. Best Of's are about celebrating the past, and there is no better time to celebrate than on an anniversary year. I'm sure it would be successful, but not quite as successful as it could have been in 2016.

    As a lifelong fan, it's just a bit confusing for them to do some half-assed reunion on a non-anniversary year. If it's not a full on album campaign, my opinion is that they just wait until people expect a reunion and there is actual hype for it.
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  16. Record a new fucking album for fucks sake.
  17. It is mad to think it's 20 years ago next year when Geri turned her back on Ginger Spice. Broke my 7 year old heart in the process.
  18. Nothing anyone can say would change my mind in thinking it's the best idea to go full throttle with new material, if they're reuniting.

    Society right now needs 5 older women screaming in our faces about Girl Power.
  19. HRH


    That's why I'm okay with a 4-piece reunion (or even GEM) if Victoria doesn't want to do it. It really is silly for them to not be doing something they want to be doing just because it isn't the full line-up and the fifth person isn't interested in music.
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  20. FIRO taking inspiration from Victory at the EMA's.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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