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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Is it April 1st yet?
  2. Kimba should cover Vicky's iconic IOU
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  3. "Ooh girls, why do you all dress so vile?
    To-night, I'll teach you all about my style."
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  4. I think we've been trolled for click bait y'all. We're going off "a source" from the Scum and now BuzzFeed. Does Mel C even have management? I thought her whole RedGirl records approach was being a girl boss in charge of her own destiny.
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  5. I can't, Just remembered Charley and Shabnam discussing Chanelle "The coconut head Posh spice wannabe."

    Harsh but screaming at them saying Victory must of been taking the piss!.
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  6. Can’t they reunite as four, and just have a paper cut out of VB on the album cover and on stage in a pose???? It’s no different to what she would do in person anyway .

    So ironic that the spice girl who was so forgettable and disposable, ended up being the richest and most famous in the end.
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  7. If Victory is there, so is the the success/sales/audiences. She has to be there otherwise it's just GEM and we all know how that went. Three women on a bed with an iPhone. Victory would NEVER have allowed that tacky visual to happen.

    It makes complete sense that Victoria, a hard-working and talented person, ended up being more successful than the other Spice Girls. They're successful too but there always has to be The One, doesn't there?
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  8. She's certainly been lucky and I really couldn't care if she's there or not however the full original set will always hold the most power and if she can pretend she's having a good time all is fine with me.
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  9. Yes to that.
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  10. The fate of this reunion rests on Harper wanting to see mum be a popstar again.
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  11. It's been done before.

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  12. Legendary.
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  13. Screaming, This is so spot on.
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  14. I can't laugh or take pleasure in this ever since The Big Reunion 2. He seems...broken by something, a terrible experience during his time in pop music. Didn't he say he was bullied?
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  15. He


    The bitterness is not cute.

    The Spice Girls were as much about the good music as the chemistry and Power Of Five. The stars aligned for the five of them.
    Victoria is a talented business woman and fashion designer.
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  16. I love VB. In fact she's my second favourite after Gezza these days. But even I remember her being the least...exciting and involved back in the 90s.
  17. She was the least involved. Her microphone wasn't even switched on!

    I loved her mystique and aloofness. Madonna named her as her fave Spice Girl too for the reason I've just stated.
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  18. Still quite a sad watch.
  19. I love it but yes very sad Geri is dressed for Gingers funeral (in Look At Me vid) and she doesn't even care about miming the chorus at 1.43.

    Imagine all that was going on behind the scenes during that last month you probably could fill a juicy warts & all book. I'm happy Geri is now very much back into being a Spice Girl and happy to commit to anything they do.
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  20. Yes, a happy ending was eventually around the corner.
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