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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I remember watching this on Top of the Pops when it aired and I asked my mum why Ginger looked upset and my mother replied saying "it's a sad song, it probably means a lot to her".

    What really gets me though is Vicki B & Mel C's forced smiles at the beginning... is that TOTP saying "c'mon girls, smile for the camera"?
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  2. I can imagine none of them really wanted to be at the time. Got all too much.
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  3. Every smile Victoria gives is forced. Queen of Pouting etc.
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  4. Yes, it's the same with Steps. You would never think that pop groups from your childhood would have dark underbellies. Kind of ruins the magic.
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  5. Sad and so very true.
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  6. Viva Forever is such a masterpiece.
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  7. The production on it is magical and well done.
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  8. Their debut album is still my favourite Spice album. Yes, I know most of you will plump for Spice World but the moodier side of their first album always appealed to me. It feels like an album of varied sound and scope.
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  9. I rarely feel the need to choose between the 2, but Spice World wins solely for the fact that it has Viva Forever on it. To me they are equally good, I wouldn't want to choose one.
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  10. I am one of those who plump for Spiceworld as my personal favourite, but Spice more than holds up too. I especially like the more urban tracks such as Love Thing and Naked. If You Can't Dance is the best though! What a song!
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  11. SPICE 10/10
    Spiceworld 7/10
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  12. Which songs do you rate low on Spiceworld @Vasilios ?
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  13. Saturday Night Divas
    Too much
    The Lady Is A Vamp
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  14. Viva Forever gets overlooked so much. It’s an absolutely stunning song from start to finish. Lyrically, melodically, the production is stellar - it deserves so much more. I feel like it needs to be revived somehow and featured somewhere so people appreciate just how moving it is.
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  15. Looking at SPICE formats I found this...
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  17. The only song on Spiceworld that is less than a 10 is The Lady Is A Vamp.
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  18. Not the usual choices, that's refreshing! I was totally expecting Do It and Denying to be there.
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  19. I'm personally offended by these comparisons of Victoria to Kimberly. Victoria has a personality and can hold a note, no matter how hard people want to downplay her vocal ability. And in terms of success... poor Kimberly. Even musically, Victoria wins.
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