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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Cough cough.
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  2. It's so weird to hear Victoria talk about her time as a Spice Girl in this because she's so passionate about it but she's the one who doesn't want to do it again. That's not a judgement, you just wouldn't think from watching it that she would be the one to put a stop to the plans.

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  3. Apparently she's very sweet and small, but has judgmental eyes.
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  4. I will have some girl powder just for her.
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  5. She was still very pro reunion/performing in the group when she filmed that documentary in mid 2007

    It wasn't until the tour started and the fashion thing was starting to happen that she completely changed and has been that way ever since unfortunately.
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  6. I cannot seriously believe that someone said HELLO to Mel C and she replied with FAT. Mel C just doesn't seem like the type to become Spiteful Spice.
  7. She probably felt there was unfinished business at the time, and she may have been right. That isn't the case now. Headlines flopped, Viva Forever was a critical and commercial disaster, and GEM sheepishly surrendered after filming an advert on a messy bed. All of these things cruelly exposed the harsh reality that a Spice Girls reunion might not be able to live up to expectations. Victoria is so savvy, the most successful Spice Girl and a credible businesswoman. She'll only decide to do something if she feels it'll work. I reckon she could still reform the group, but only when there's a demand for it. If nothing happens, that'll be fine: the Olympics was an iconic way to say goodbye.
  8. Victoria's gut instinct was probably right. I can't blame her.
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  9. She just doesn't want them to be de-valued or diminished in any way. Vicky definitely has the best interests in mind when it comes to the band. Look what Jo, Bradley, and Paul have done to the S Club 7 brand.
  10. I agree completely. A benefit of Victoria's refusal to reform the group is that it ensures the legacy of the Spice Girls isn't diminished, devalued, or destroyed.
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  11. Victoria has always been immensely proud of the Spice Girls' music, accomplishments and legacy, and is only ever respectful when talking about those things. She's also clearly a huge Spice fan herself. That hasn't changed in any of the time that's passed since the reunion.

    Her stance on taking part in another reunion doesn't negate any of that. Yes, she has obviously moved on to a totally different (also very successful) phase in her life which clearly informs her current views, but I think she's also very protective of the group's legacy and, as others have already said, doesn't want to see it tarnished in any way by a reunion that is anything less than spectacular.
  12. Victory has big plans to celebrate ten years in the fashion industry. She's showing at London Fashion Week! Isn't that exciting? Ten years of showing the world her talent. Ten years of demonstrating Girl Power to the world. Ten years of empowering women through expensive products. Ten years of inspirational style. Ten years of being victorious. Folks, we need to celebrate this momentous occasion. Let's hold a special Victoria Beckham Day on this thread.

    Queen of Spice & Fashion

  13. Awww how nice, she'll celebrate a decade of fashion but not 20 years being a part of the most iconic girl group in history.

    Priorities luv.

  14. I'm sure she celebrated with a tweet and a karaoke sesh with Mel C.
  15. Scream!

    You make her sound like Al Gore.

    Only with a low-quality Youtube video of them covering Celebration in 2007 obviously.
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  16. By the way, I didn't realize that Wannabe has crossed 200 million plays on Spotify, and it's actually days away from having 201 million. That pretty much equalizes to them having an actual global hit nowadays.
  17. Can you believe we’re coming up to ten years since the reunion ended?
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  18. The reunion was closer to the band's original period of world domination than to the present day. Which is super fucking trippy because from 2000 to 2007 felt like several lifetimes had passed already.

    Amazing article in the Guardian today about a super fan who met each of the girls thanks to his job. He must be a Popjustice poster...
  19. Enjoyed reading that again. "She glided towards me like a dementor"

  20. That always freaks me out.
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