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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. What a pity he's so unattractive...
  2. ...are you joking
  3. Oh not bloody Joe Stone again, his articles get everywhere!

    It's crazy how long it took Vicky to get a solo song out, Geri had four #1's before 'Out Of Your Mind' punished us.
  4. Hadley Freeman wrote an article praising Victory after that feature appeared. I was quite happy Hadley did that, actually. Who doesn't want a good selfie? Victoria only did what we all do. So relatable!

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  5. How headlines was ever picked as a single is beyond me .
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  6. Have to agree, it;s never appealed to me much neither.
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  7. It's a nice enough ballad and suits the Children In Need charity tie-in well, so I don't really mind personally. But, I think they made some mistakes with it, it would have benefited from having a different video - especially because of the Children In Need connection - and they screwed up the release by having it available digitally first, then only physically after the Greatest Hits album was released.

    Ever since Melanie C mentioned Spice Is Back being her favourite from the Greatest Hits recordings, I've wondered what that song would be like and if it's uptempo, it probably would have made a better single... or at least a better bonus track in place of the dire Voodoo!
  8. I remember when it made #11, was convinced regardless of my own personal opinions of it, it would be a much bigger hit.
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  9. The fact that SPICE IS BACK starts with a line saying “guess who’s back” might prove you otherwise
  10. Even more painful is that it actually made number 3 on the physical singles chart.

    Had the physical single been released at the same time as the digital and before the greatest hits they’d certainly have had another top five.
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  11. Where does that information come from?
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  12. I really like Headlines but the studio version lacks the punch of the live version from the tour which was much better.
  13. The alternative was Voodoo.
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  14. If I remember right, in the interview where Melanie C revealed it was her favourite, she tries to remember the lyrics and how the song goes. She struggles with it but does sing, "guess who's back". I always thought she might've had Eminem's song in her head though.

    I also think Headlines would benefit from having an intro, rather than jumping right in with the verse.
  15. Sarcasm dripping from every word.

    They should've just released Never Give Up On The Good Times as their comeback single. It's still one of the best songs they ever did.
  16. "Spice makers back again". The other girls should have listened to Melanie C.
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  17. Thank god.
  18. I wonder if Spice is Back is anything like Right Back At Ya?

    Hopefully one day.
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  19. I love Right Back At Ya. And yes I do mean the Forever version too.
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