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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Live footage from Beckenham Palace.
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  2. Just passing on what she said, you can drop the unnecessary attitude.
  3. We need a separate thread for all of Mel B’s lies.
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  4. Oops, I didn't mean that to come off aggressive. I meant that I'm sure she really believes a tour can happen but there's no way an announcement like that is going to be revealed first as an offhand comment on Loose Women. Especially considering how guarded things are when the 5 are all together. Unfortunately it won't stop the media from interpreting that as a definite and we all get worked up again over nothing.
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  5. Not to worry. In the past 15 minutes I’ve learned she has a reputation for being a serial liar when it comes to the spice girls, which I didn’t realise.
  6. You're lucky. I wish I had only 15 minutes of knowing that instead of having to suffer it for the past 15 years.
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  7. Yeah didn’t Mel say they were performing at the Royal Wedding ?? And it turned out to not be true and in fact only VictoryOBE is invited?
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  8. I’m so hyper aware of Mel B’s lying tendencies nowadays that I find myself catching her out over the smallest of things that you wouldn’t otherwise think twice about and judging her for it.

    Like the other day she said somewhere that she’d never had a massage but I had just been rewatching her Flava documentary from 1999 where she is literally being filmed having a massage (whilst semi-shading Geri’s Molly Dineen documentary) and I was like “There she goes again! Another lie!!! Why is she like this!!”.

    She just can’t help herself.
  9. Maybe the 'B' in Mel B stands for 'bollocks' because she keeps talking it?
  10. Indeed, be shocked if it was.

  11. I can't at Phoenix Chi being 19 years old. NINETEEN!! I still remember when she was nothing but a bun in the oven on stage at Wembley Stadium in September 1998!!
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  12. Time flies alright!
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  13. Did the full concert of The Spice Girls Live in Istanbul ever get released on DVD? I have been searching online for one to buy but it's looking likely only a edit was released? Is this correct?
  14. Yeah I think the DVD is the same as the transmitted/VHS version.
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  15. Thank you! Damn! The full concert deserves to be released but I guess that's another thing in Spiceworld that doesn't ever have a chance of happening!
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  16. Be good to have a full concert release on DVD of the Istanbul show. It's so iconic.
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  17. That word gets bandied about so often that it's lost all meaning....however in this case you're absolutely right.
  18. What’s different about the full version?
  19. Indeed, the biggest music act in the world, live properly on stage for the very first time and just completely owning it.
  20. More songs. More spice!
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