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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. There are many songs missing from the set list: "Something Kinda Funny", "Saturday Night Divas", "Stop", "Too Much", "Love Thing" and "Mama".

    It was a 16 song set list and 6 songs were cut from the VHS/DVD release. It's a TRAVESTY!!!

    I think they played the full concert (at least on Australian TV) when it premiered 20 years ago.
  2. And all things nice!
  3. Interesting. Yes I remember Saturday Night Divas being performed (I lived in Australia at the time).
  4. I can't wait. I hope they play more non single tracks. I really want the Forever songs to be performed live and with Geri.
  5. I always wished Geri had sung the second verse of Goodbye. I picture it as her singing to her younger self. “Just a little girl, big imagination...”
  6. Well if GEM do end up touring she may get Victoria's part before the last chorus.
  7. Will she get the loud cheers Victoria received during their last tour though?

    Will anyone?

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  8. Well I cannot wait for her to sing her 2 Become 1 lines.
  9. I adore Vicky but those cheers were annoying as fuck. So it'll be a relief.
  10. They were indeed. Anyway, if they tour again, I prefer if they don't have a solo section.
  11. Like any normal fan, I watched and recorded EVERYTHING they did back in the day. But I knew I was having the Istanbul video for Christmas, so when I saw the concert in the TV Guide, I thought "Don't need to bother with that!".

    So I watched it in the morning, loved it, has Christmas dinner etc. Then my dad flicked over to ITV about an hour into it, and they were singing Mama, and I was distraught. It wasn't meant to be.
  12. The same thing literally happened to me - I was gutted. I think it was the first time I felt let down by them.
  13. They're all attending according to a friend usually reliable about these things.

    And let's not forget how Victoria repeatedly denied a reunion before meeting up with them, as has Mel C on many occasions in the past, so it's not just Mel B playing games.
  14. You can't stop the gays and girls from vocalising their love!
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  15. True but the rest of the girls play different games to Melanie B. They all basically go 'never say never!' or 'this isn't happening at the moment' whereas Melanie B always goes "YEAH THIS IS DEFINITELY HAPPENING IN FACT IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW CAN YOU BELIEVE IT WE'RE GOING TO PERFORM IN SPACE WAH WAH WEE WAH YEAHHHH" and it's like, girl, no.
  16. The whole concert was shown on tv I have on an old vhs somewhere I remember watching those songs and I live in Scotland

  17. For those who haven't seen.
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  18. Imagine being that ignoramus who edited out Something Kinda Funny for the VHS/DVD.
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  19. In fairness, VHS can only hold so much material and Something Kinda Funny does go on for 16 hours live.
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  20. I also think the reason they cut 'Saturday Night Divas' is because Emma messed up her words.
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