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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Where? Plus it was overdubbed anyway.
  2. "don't you know we'll get so high" instead of "I didn't know we'd get so far" on the first pre-chorus.
  3. I love the Spice Girls Biorhythm episode so much. The little montage at the end - charting where they were at that point (Mel B and Victoria becoming mothers) and slowly moving backwards in time through Geri's departure, the movie, the Spice hysteria of 1997, them first bursting onto the scene, and then way back to each of them as aspiring stars and also each girl as a little kid - always makes me strangely emotional!

    From 1:50 in:

    What a journey!
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  4. Bless he has the same sweet angelic voice as his mum.

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  5. Aww that's so cute!
  6. Wait is that the same baby Bunton that asked for the Wonder Woman cake for his birthday? An imsoproudofmygayson chai
  7. That is so fucking cute.
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  8. I bopped to If You Can't Dance for like the billoth time today, and it never gets boring.
  9. I'm listening to Life in Mono on Spotify and I'm so mad that Emma doesn't feel like recording a new album every few years considering how easy would be for someone with her money and her radio connections to put together an independent, 60s-inspired album appealing to the listeners of Heart and Radio 2.

    I'm not even asking for tour dates or even many gigs...just wished she had more drive.
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  10. Apparently only Victoria, Geri and Emma will be in attendance at the royal wedding.

    Reports claim the Mels didn't even get an invite.

  11. Melanie B is busy... auditioning to be the new Predator.
  12. I can't wait to see the headpiece of Geri and Emma!
  13. Imagine!
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  14. It'll never happen, but I'd love it if they were seated together. I'd just be watching for them!
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  15. The poor Mels!
  16. Why would they not be?
  17. Seating plans
  18. I love a world where Baby Spice will be in attendance at the Royal Wedding.
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