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*Spice Girls*

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. "I just found out..."..........I feel old.
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  3. I remember this being the ‘climax’ to their TFI special. No wonder Geri left shortly after.

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  4. It's not the best of song must admit, but at least the presence of Spice lifts it-sort of!
  5. It was such an anti-climax at the time. It was billed as the Spice Girls singing the England anthem when in reality they were just crowbarred onto a low-key song with several second division indie bands, reduced to backing vocals.
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  6. I'm never gonna like any football songs anyway really-can't wait for it all to be over he he.
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  7. I wonder who's idea it was to have them on the track?
  8. Yes, I wonder too. Guess the idea of having the biggest group in the world seemed like a good selling point-on paper, anyway!
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  9. I think Shakira's Wake Waka was my one exception!
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  10. I couldn't even warm to that alas he he.
  11. I love Waka Waka.
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  12. Força FTW!
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  13. Not VB herself also promoting the single two decades later!

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  14. Ha! She's so iconic and even more so now by promoting this!
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  15. I have to admit, I had no idea Top of the World existed until about two years ago. Quite the discovery.
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  16. I bought it when it was 50p in Woolworths bargain bin.
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  17. 21.4 million followers!!
  18. Funny how f nobody is looking good in this pic and Victoria decided to post it anyway (also, she's even smiling).
  19. My Dad is currently doing out my brothers old room which has become a sort of dumping ground since he moved out in the 90's and we came across a sealed roll of Spice Girls wallpaper.

    I remember buying everything they brought out but I forgot they went into home furninshings.
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  20. Spice Girls Wallpaper? That is news to me too!
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