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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Jon


    Yep - and that will annoy me the most, because I never left 'em!

    *illegal sad smiley*
  2. Yes, but people's tastes change. I was never a 'fan', but did, and indeed DO, appreciate that they made great pop music. Just because someone liked the Spice Girls and then went off them shouldn't preclude them from ever being fans again.

    It doesn't make you a 'better' fan just because you loved them all along.

    Abba's revival was thanks in part to 'Muriel's Wedding'; perhaps 'Wannabe' could be used on a film to similar success.
  3. Jon


    I'm not saying it makes me a bigger or better fan.

    But I don't like people who talk up their fanship without reason, and it's people (mostly journalists) who will claim to have always stuck up for the Spice Girls when there are people who have geniunely have that will piss me off.
  4. We know that isn't the case. Journalists are the most hyppocritial species of people ever. I remember around the time the Spice Girls sacked Simon Fuller they were all saying the bubble had burst and then had to retract themselves when they went from strength to strength. Next came when Geri left and they once again said it was all over despite the fact they continued to have a further 3 no1 singles afterwards. What really annoyed me what the delight the journalists had in the way that they reported on the comparative "failure" of Forever against Westlife despite the fact that Westlife had done signings all over the country to ensure they sold more to get to no1. It annoyed me further when they called Victoria "desperate" for doing exactly the same thing a year later when she released "Out Of Your Mind"

    Milky x
  5. People will be people and claim to hate if it makes them feel better. And if you've been a fan all along and didn't say "they fucking suck" after forever was released, you are a better fan. Cause you see past the bullshit of the public and just accept them. I was never embarassed to admit to liking the spice girls, i remember when everyone did.
  6. MC


    It's like the Take That thing. Four years ago it would have terribly unhip to listen to their stuff but now you have girls in their twenties going to their gigs with homemade banners. I love it when you hear girls say things like, "I have always loved Mark Owen". If that's the case why did his last single get to number 150?
  7. This is not my personal experience, but what if you were a fan who had been waiting in eager anticipation for the next Spice oeuvre, only to find that 'Forever' was a flailing, dreadful pile of shit? You'd be entitled then to say "they fucking suck", no? Why are you a better fan if you liked that album?

    Is somebody who was a huge Madonna fan but thought 'American Life' was a load of old cock a worse fan than somebody who lapped it up?

    Nice to see that not only do we have snobbery about different music genres and pissiness about liking different bands, we even have ridiculous, petty and infantile hierarchies of fans of the same fucking group. Holy cow.
  8. FOREVER did suck and when asked how many albums did the Spice Girls put out I always say 2½. It was a half-assed attempt to cash in on the growing U.S. R&B-lite wave and they failed. It still sold something like 3 million copies; not bad - but not SPICE worthy.  I still think they were the best thing about the 90s. What other group managed to cause a commotion (good or bad) like they did during that time? SPICE and SPICEWORLD were first-rate POP albums with great videos to accompany the singles (except for Mama).
  9. It was a proper phenomenom. But it was 10 years ago, internet didn't exist ( general public ). They can't do a worthy comeback cause they are mums, they are in their thirties .... and the most crucial thing, they are rich, and have business things. So the most honest thing they can do is a Take That esque.
    If they were honest with us , like us with them , they need to be an amazing new look, work with amazing producers that understand what type of music they did, not sexual but spicey and a little familiar.Maybe they don't exist nowdays.
    A rework of wannabe, not a remix a new version in a Prodigy way or something like that and a ballad 4 me will be ok.We know Melanie C nowdays can't move, so it will be enough.
  10. I just don't see how someone can claim to be, just as an example, a big Madonna fan yet dislike American Life and call it shit. Because that album is the most bare/raw/personal album she's done, it's the most out of this world, and it's the most HER. So in fact if you don't like the album you don't like HER. And alot of fans on here are selfish and just want hit after hit, but they are artists before your entertainers. The best of fans find light in what the rest of the world can't get over or around.
  11. I agree with this. What made the Spice Girls so great in the early days was their hunger, desperation and determination. They knew SHIT about the industry and were making it up as they went along. There was a fabulous 'underdog' quality about them that faded away once they became successful and developed a more 'been there done that' attitude. This is inevitable of course; it happens to all groups.

    They don't have to go on tour (that would be suicide). All they need is a one-off gig - televised (or filmed for DVD) and a greatest hits with b-sides, unreleased tracks and a DVD of their videos. The packaging must be stellar and look NOTHING like the FOREVER fiasco. It really isn't that much. If it weren't for the one-off gig it would take only like 2 months out of their 'busy' solo schedules. x
  12. Agree with alot of these sentiments. I have to say, if there's going to be a reunion, I don't think a Take That stylee tour would work. Take That were always the identikit boyband. They dressed the same, especially on their tours, and had a defined lead singer.

    In contrast, the Spice Girls were all about the outrageousness of their characters and clothes. On their tours, the Spice Girls just maintained the same kind of looks they wore to every other event - from the Brits to a magazine shoot. The Spice Girls were fed to us as a complete OTT package, Take That were your average boys by day, performers in silver spandex by night. So when TT came back, they could dress their age in nice suits and sing their hits. The Spice Girls cannot do another 'Spice' tour because they have all removed themselves from their set images to a large extent.

    That said, a reunion show of somekind would be cool. I love the idea of a documentry, and a one off televised performance of their greatest hits. That way they can dress like the 30-something women they are, put a proper end to Spice, and maintain their dignity and respect, both as individuals and as a band.

    Do you really want to see Geri Halliwell in hotpants, shaking her boobs and going zigazigah?
  13. Yes.
  14. I second that
  15. Jon


    Last night in Walkabout (the gay "scene" in Bournemouth warrants its ironic finger quotes and I can't wait to get back to Manchester), after midnight - so that it was July 8, the tenth anniversary of the single's release - I requested Wannnabe with rambling instructions on how it was adamant that it be played.

    I can vaguely remember zig-a-zig-ahh-ing on a podium whilst hollering the lyrics and then a bit later being driven home and throwing up a bit on the CD single I'd taken along should the alarming situation of a Wannabe-less DJ arise.

    What a way to mark the occasion, eh?

    That is all.
  16. Re: Spice Girls

    This made me laugh so much, even with a terrible hangover.
  17. I come next \o

    But only for an one off performance. Just a proper goodbye, cause they never really said they were over or just said goodbye toi the fans and even though they dont have 'many' today, they just need to close it off, as an end of a book.

    So I stand for a final goodbye performance, no new album or tour, they better keep the SG as an icon like it was and not spoil everything by trying to bring it back, but well they are very aware of this and wouldnt really reunite for a new album.
  18. yeh, they need to do a performance as a five piece of 'goodbye' and maybe 'wannabe' to finish it off. They could have done it at the brits in 2000 if geri had joined them..
  19. MC


    Well a good point is raised in that if a shit album is released by your favourite band you shouldn't give it praise for fear of being labelled an untrue fan. But it does grate when people who slagged the Spice Girls and dismissed them as shit would do an about turn and claim to have always loved them if public opinion dictates.
  20. Jon


    A further annoyance will be those who love them "ironically" now - "Oh, they were hilarious, so bad they were good" etc - but when the media tide turns and appreciates the true genius (a la ABBA), will readily subscribe to that opinion.

    They were never anything less than a genuinely colossal pop force.
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