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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Jon


    Except "Forever", though it has its charms.
  2. MC


    Jon I see you have read David Sinclair's excellent Spice Girls book!

    Did the vomit damage your Wannabe CD or did you just clean it off?
  3. Mr Sinclair's book is like the Spice Girls bible!

    Forever is a great album, but as a wiser person than me already said, it's not a great Spice Girls album.
  4. I was listening to Forever this pm on the tube coming home from work and I think its not at all bad, nice r'n'b pop lite, decent tunes and sparkly production................maybe a little ahead of its time I dare to say
  5. Jon


    Forever, ahead of its time? Darkchild's productions for Brandy, Destiny's Child and even Michael Jackson absolutely spit on Forever.

    Oh believe me, cleaning the Wannabe CD was a more pressing concern than apologising to my friend for throwing up in her car. Haha.

    The David Sinclair book is amazing, but calling "Lullaby" "Lullabye" annoys me, as does the fact that he thinks Hear'Say happened in 2002 (he refers to them launching whilst Victoria had A Mind Of Its Own out - in fact they themselves were dying a cringeworthy death at this time with Everybody).
  6. MC


    I noticed a few errors in the facts in the Siclair book. He thinks Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants was the third Oasis album, and that V were a rocky band with guitars. There's one or two other mistakes but I can't recall them now.

    However, these little nitpicks don't stop the book from being incredible! A top notch read, and I'd recommend it to any music fan, even those who hate the Spice Girls.
  7. Aw...



    Like a blast from the past:

  8. WOW!! Don't Emma's boobs look great??

    Milky x
  9. Great picture of them standing together and giggling - I can almost hear Geri's loud laugh!

    All i need now is a similar picture that also includes the two Mels and Victoria - makes me smile to think about it actually, they always seemed to have fun together, a natural chemistry.

    I want a reunion now!

    L xxxx
  10. I swear that Mel C said she didn't want a reunion (again) only a few weeks ago. I really can't imagine them discussing a reunion over a dinner like you say. I hope I'm wrong...
  11. Well, I think it's quite obvious we're going to get a GH compilation around christmas time. It would be great if they got back together for a performance on Children in Need, I just cant see it happening...
  12. I still can't see how they can get away with bringing out a Greatest Hits compilation without putting anything new on it. The only way would be to do a Hits and Beyond style compilation and with the way things are going that doesn't look likely at all.

    Milky x
  13. I think its been said before, but they dont really need anything brand new to be on the greatest hits (all though it would be great) - they have quite a few recorded songs from the 'Forever' sessions, good pop songs, that were ditched in favour of the R+B/darkchild/jam and lewis songs (what a mistake)

    The spice fans know that 'right back at ya' was a wonderful pop tune before darkchild got his mits on it and of course, W.O.M.A.N - both performed previously live on tour. I believe there are a few others also. So .......... ok they were recorded without Geri, but adding her vocal would take like what, 10 minutes studio time or for her to write a few extra lines so she is included in the credits?

    Basically, some unreleased songs, re-vamped and/or remixes and bsides, plus obviously the hit singles and ta da, a greatest hits package. Put this to rest once and for all.

    L xxxx
  14. If the Greatest Hits goes well it could do an Abba Gold and seal their fate as one of the greatest pop acts of all time but if it goes wrong it'll come and go with large indifference. The timing has got to be right and I still don't know if this year is the right time much as I'd like to see one.

    Those pics of Bunt and Geri are lovely.
  15. I agree with all that you have said and I would be happy if that was to happen but I don't even see us getting that to be honest. I wouldn't be suprised if they release a Greatest Hits with just the singles a few album tracks and make a big deal of putting Step To Me on it.

    Milky x
  16. I still think they should reform, at least for just one performance..but just one lil thing for a good old send off! Why can't mel c just agree to that?
  17. I like posh.. erm sorry Victoria's new hair do. Apparently it's her most radical ever.. but to me it looks kinda like how it was pre the STOP video.


    Link to the sun as they are mean and dont let you link to pics..

    She's almost in her trademark black dress thing... perhaps she subconciously wants a reunion. Geri is also back to her ginger size.. just needs to slap on some makeup and dye the hair..
  18. I agree entirely. Again, using comparisons to Take That, the That disbanded in 1996 and their reunion was 10 years later. Howard and Jason barely troubled the public in those 10 years, Gary got fat and faded away and in the public's eyes Mark remained the lovable puppy-dog type and retained good favour. Perhaps now Robbie is starting to wind people up a bit.

    The Spices in contrast are a bit of a laughing stock. Emma is probably the one who has done best by being a Mark Owen type. Geri is unlikely to ever be taken seriously, Posh is largely disliked and no one cares for the Mels (except for their ardent fans). They need to be out of the public eye for a bit if a reunion is going to be successful or met with popular approval. And it would have to be launched very carefully. I think another 3 or 4 years should pass before it happens.
  19. To be fair, the Spice Girls have always been seen as a bit of a joke. When they first launched they were seen as the type of girls from your local council estate. When they did all the indorsements they were called "cheap and tacky". When they sacked Simon Fuller they were called stupid for firing the mastermind behind them and that they were over. When Geri left they were classed as "past their sell by date". When Forever came out they were slaughtered. Ever since, their solo careers have been ridiculed by the media, yet despite all this they have by in large seemed to be able to remain in the news and still have people talk about them whether its good or bad - no-one was remotely interested in the Take That members after the split.

    Milky x
  20. Indeed you are correct. With Take That when Mark flopped, he buggered off. As did Gary. But the Spices linger like difficult stains. The Spices were seen as a joke when they started but this was tempered by the massive success and the juggernaut force that they were. The all-encompassing merchandising was sneered at by "serious" musicians and the now money-free All Saints (who were particularly snotty about it- I bet they wish their faces had been on a few lunch boxes after all). They were criticised with every step they took, but success pushed them above it all. And then came Forever (which even I think was a crock of shit and I love the Girls). Mel C was initially well received as a solo artist, as was Mel B and her Missy Elliott track. And then both got it wrong. Geri and her psycho-babble self-analysis has probably done them as much harm as Mel C and her bitter rants, and things like Bo Selecta sticking it to Mel B haven't helped. I do think if they'd dropped off the face of the earth after Forever stiffed there'd be a very different attitude towards them now, but they rubbed their mediocrity in our faces again and again.

    Except for Emma of course- Free Me was marvellous...
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