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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Rob


    I've a question in relation to the tour I was hoping someone could help me with it. I've two seated tickets for Edinburgh I'm trying to sell (at face value) as I managed to get two to their Dublin gig. However, on Ticketmaster it keeps saying the tickets are unavailable:"We’re working with the event organisers on a few final details, before we can make your tickets available. Please check back later."

    Is this normal? anyone else getting this message? I'm keen to get them sold but can't really sell until they're available.
  2. I really need to get on with sorting accommodation for Coventry.
  3. Yeah it's perfectly normal. Sometimes they'll let the tickets go a month early, sometimes it can be a fortnight before the event. No need to worry for a while yet.
  4. Rob


    Agh ok, thanks, do you think I'm still allowed re-sell them now? I just wouldn't want the buyer getting antsy about it.
  5. Yeah, just be as upfront about it as you can. Explain that the tickets haven't been dispatched yet, and as soon as you receive them (2-1 week before the show) you'll send them on. I believe the resale platform Twickets, which the girls are using as their "official" re-sale partner, just ask you to confirm whether you have the tickets yet and if not, they ask you to say when you expect to receive them.
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  6. I booked my accommodation before I even booked tickets for both Coventry and Wembley. I knew that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to get hotels closer to the time. And the prices would probably shoot up (mind you, they were already over £100 for each hotel), so I wasn't taking any chances!
  7. Well I live in London so accommodation for both of the Wembley shows I am seeing is sorted!
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  8. LP


    I bought a ticket of twickets to Manchester. The guy has explained to me that the e ticket is not yet available and forwarded me the email that said as such - which I'm happy with.
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  9. The good thing about twickets is the seller won’t get the money you pay (at the point of sale) until after you’ve used your ticket too. So it’s quite safe in that respect in that it’s in the sellers best interest to forward you the tickets.
  10. I am still gutted all this time on I missed out the show! As it gets nearer the time, even more so am sure. Hey ho.
  11. Plenty of tickets for sale on Twickets!
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  12. Is there? Will have to have a look-thanks!
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  13. LP


    Howling! The money deffo went out of my account!
  14. Yeah, it's taken by Twickets but Twickets don't release to the seller.
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  15. If Geri leaves again before they hit up North America, I swear....
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  16. I wonder who’s doing the costumes and set design this time around?
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. I would like to think!
  19. Let's hope not. As I said before, I want full drag, sequins, glitter. Proper Spice.
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  20. I do like the idea of Victoria having her influence somewhere in the show. Her designing one of the costumes would be a nice touch.

    I really can’t wait to see them back on stage together again!
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