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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. It's coming around so quick, I'm excited/anxious about it all to be honest!
  2. Designers tend to create things for tours based on the Artist and their style of performance. Roberto Cavalli managed to make Spice themed outfits and not much about his work screams ‘Spice’ so don’t rule Vicky out too soon.
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  3. Did he?.. Aside from the Who Do You Think You Are outfits, the outfits didn’t really scream “Spice” to me.
  4. Well the opening outfits also took a lot of inspiration from their hey day, Mel C in a trackie, Mel B in Print, Vicky in tinfoil skin tight..

    It’s hard to get a theme for each section and then have individual personalities within that. I think he did quite well. Plus a lot of the original spice gear they wouldn’t wear now because of their age (I’m guessing?)
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  5. I thought the Return of the Spice Girls outfits were decent too.
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  6. The silver sparkly one Victoria wore in the Celebration section was absolutely amazing in person it was SO glittery the photos never did it justice!
  7. I'm getting worried they still haven't announced US tour dates. I will be devastated.
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  8. I think Emma said the children being in school was the problem there which is a shame as they could've made them in July/August during the Summer Holidays. I just hope and pray they professionally film this tour whether for streaming, TV or DVD/Blu Ray.
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  9. Likewise.
    Because I'm stupid and haven't learned anything in my 20 years of Spice; I listened to Mel B when she said they were gonna come over here for sure and didn't book a trip back over to the UK as planned.
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  10. Ugh, it's not like they need to do a month-long tour across the whole country either. Just do a couple of shows in LA and NY over the span of a week and we're good. I just can't fly my ass out to the UK to see them.
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  11. Much like everyone else in the world when the pop girls are announcing Vegas residencies at the moment.
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  12. They should do the Super Bowl halftime show next year then put stadiums on sale in America for the summer.

    I know, I know.. not likely!
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  13. A Spice Girls/BSB Halftime show is what the world needs to heal.
  14. Trying to get tickets for one of the Manchester shows and I'm still amazed to see how much they've sold! There was me being naive thinking they'd probably do a few nights at The O2, Let alone Wembley bloody stadium!
  15. I'd love Australian dates beforehand tbh. Considering they've never done a show here ever, only a quick trip to promote Spiceworld the movie. It's what she deserves.
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  16. Indeed, it's been just fantastic to see how well the shows have been doing for the girls.
  17. I hope they do European dates in 2020. Arena's over stadiums but getting tickets would be a mess again.
  18. I didn't like them much. A middle aged couture designer's attempt at wacky and fun didn't really land for me.
  19. They're well aware Australia has been missed every time previously.... :)
  20. New judges have been announced for AGT and Mel B is gone. Could it be because of more dates coming?
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