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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I just realized that Geri had a small bedazzled Union Jack on her mic during the Victoria's Secret performance. Crafty queen.
  2. I’m sure they film the auditions for America’s Got Talent in March/April when Mel will be in rehearsals for the tour. Probably not an admission of more dates but I imagine she wouldn’t be able to do both the tour and America’s Got Talent.
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  3. HRH


    It's a shame Mel has to give up her steady paycheck on AGT for such a short tour. Hope we get more dates and/or more judging opportunities are forthcoming.
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  4. Simon does seem genuinely supportive of Mel, so I imagine he's already told her that the job on AGT's there if/when she wants it back.
  5. Typical British tabloids saying she's been 'dropped'. Obviously a Spice Girls tour will take priority and hopefully will lead to a long-term reunion. It's her roots and passion. If it doesn't work out, I'm sure Simon will get her back on board anyway.
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  6. Being dropped from that show is a godsend if it means more dates on the tour.
  7. I’m sure the rest of the group and the promoters want Mel to be 100% focused on the tour to avoid any issues like she had on the ROTSG tour.
  8. Indeed, why the British Media have to be so negative all the time.
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  9. They all had custom mics during that performance, and on tour:


    And most recently:

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  10. They all kept the mics. Emma showed hers in the documentary... that scene was so tearful..
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  11. I thought Victoria auctioned her mic off?
  12. She probably did then they realized it never worked so they sent it back
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  13. I always wondered if those mics were uncomfortable to hold with all those jewels on them?
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  14. Good point. Still iconic of course!
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  15. Question: has anyone received their physical tickets yet for the concerts? I got an email a few weeks ago that they were still coming but nothing since. Is that weird? From the Netherlands by the way.
  16. Don't think anyone has received them yet, physical or e-Tickets, unless they purchased in-person at the box office.
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  17. Thanks for the reply! I know it’s still very early but I couldn’t help but get antsy.
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  18. Love their 90s love songs playlist for Valentine's Day! So many classics.

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  19. I got my tickets to Dublin in December but haven’t got Wembley yet.
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