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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I always wish the Forever singles run was like this:
    1. Holler/Right Back At Ya
    2.Let Love Lead The Way (on it's own for another festive release)
    3.Tell Me Why
    4.If You Wanna Have Some Fun
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  2. I like to pretend that one doesn't exist....
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  3. I was watching their previous tours getting read for the shows and Christmas in Spiceworld was pretty poor, wasn't it? Mel C looks manic throughout.

  4. Nice quality.
  5. I remember watching it for the first time (thank you RealPlayer). I could tell Mel C wished she were anywhere else.

  6. I wonder to what extent people involved in the Viva Forever musical truly believed it was a good piece of West End theatre, or merely that they thought it'd have longevity because of Spice Girls brand/name? I saw it on the initial previews before opening night and truly, still, think it's one of the worst pieces of musical theatre I've seen. The original story written by Jennifer was abysmal and I can't see how all those involved in the initial workshops necessarily thought it was good...?
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  7. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Is Viva Forever that bad? Friends that saw it said it was like Mamma Mia meets X Factor and not necessarily in a good way, but they still enjoyed it. I reckon if they reworked it a bit they could make it into a hit as a touring production.
    I've never seen that before. They really were at odds with the American humour! Geri was so Geri though.
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  8. I loved the musical. Viva Forever (the song) was such a beautiful moment.
  9. The musical was nowhere near as bad as the press made it out to be but some of it was bizarre to say the least. I remember being sat there as I Turn To You was being sung on hospital beds to the lead villain's plastic surgeon thinking 'what on Earth is going on?'. There were a lot of times where songs were sandwiched in for no reason just to get them in - Spice Up Your Life being the main offender - but sometimes it worked, Look At Me and 2 Become 1 were definite highlights of the show.
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  10. Loving modern acts paying tribute to the band.

  11. I have never seen this video before. Is this an exclusive thing or did it air in certain places?
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  13. Hey Spice fans. So I wanna get a tee, but what are the sizes are like? have you found them pretty true to size? i'm 6ft8" so anything that runs short looks ridic on me x
  14. I'm 6"3 and went for large and they fit perfectly, if that's of any help!
  15. "thank you very much!"
  16. When it comes to the Musical, I think it should’ve cut the X Factor storyline and just had the adoption storyline and her being in a band getting discovered at the end.
  17. I watched a story on Mel B’s sisters instagram of her blowing out her birthday cake. Mel B is about to announce what her wish is and it’s Spice Girls related.. but then it’s cut off so we don’t hear. Hopefully she uploads that part, be interesting to hear what she wished for.
  18. She wants Victoria to rejoin the girls on stage. Which is lovely, really.
  19. I loved the Musical but at that point it was only the second Musical I've ever seen, it was also opening night with all girls there so there was a big buzz.

    The problem was the story. X Factor was already dated at that point, let alone trying to copy some of the Mamma Mia story. Why couldn't they just make the girls be actually the Spice Girls I don't know.

    I wonder if at this time it would work better since Nostalgia is more in right now.
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