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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. You can hear Geri muttering "I already know what she is going to say". I think it's for them to take the tour around the world.
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  2. Mel B really wants a world tour, that's true.
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  3. A world tour and some new music would be my Spice wish.
  4. 6 foot 8, you say? *heart eyes emoji*
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  5. House of Baby style crop top?
  6. i wish haha!
  7. :") nightmare at gigs... hoping mum doesn't get upset by the abuse that usually gets hurled at me at gigs when i take her to spice gig #1!
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  8. Converts that to centimeters.
    OH MY GOD.
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  9. Guys who is going to be at the 15th June date in London? Should we organize a PJers meeting? I would love to meet some of you.
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  10. Code for orgy
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  11. Good ole All That! Man, being a kid in the 90s was the best.

    Lol at Mel C messing up the dance routine during the “performance”.
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  12. Me trying to make friends on the 13th of June (General Pitch) and 14th of June (Spice Circle)
  13. I just really can't believe that today marks 21 years since the end of Ginger. Until 2007 anyway. Madness!
  14. Oooh Miles.
  15. Well I'm in Manchester waiting for my show tomorrow and have successfully stopped myself from looking at any pics, videos, etc.
    Can't believe this is happening, Spice folk all around.
    Is anyone on here headed to tomorrow's show?
    If you see an emotional solo Australian it'll be me, say hi, lol
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  16. Just watched Giving You Everything again, and Emma really is THAT Spice Girl.
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