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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Isn't White on White just a trend this year?
  2. A quick google search and I counted 26
  3. Thank you!
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  4. 6 or 7 years ago I bought Wolverine claws for Halloween and they sent me the comic book version by mistake, attached to long blue gloves. I of course removed the claws, put on the gloves and pretended to be Kung Fu Candy instead.
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  5. It was proving impossible to line up their feet with the picture disc anyway, so I've turned it round and it's an instantly much nicer looking release! IMG_0479.JPG

    Now just hoping this doesn't stop them reissuing Spiceworld on vinyl, and demand for this helps them know the interest in physical Spice Girls products! Milk me dry girls!
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  6. Happy 23rd birthday to the one and only Wannabe!

    The epitome of a legendary debut single!
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  7. Spent a few minutes flipping through the tour program yesterday, when BAM.

    Here's a story from A-to-Z​

    It's not the?!

    The official Spice album booklet has it the same, so I'm definitively, embarrassingly wrong.

    Anyone else?
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  8. Yep me too.
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  9. I always heard ‘a story’ but I only realised this year that is wasn’t ‘stomp stomp stomp stomp, slam ya body down and wind into all around’
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  10. I’m still in shock that it’s Mel-o-vation and not motivation on Move Over. The lyric book lying to me all those years.
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  11. The only lyric that I recently realized I'd had wrong all these years was "It's just a groove in me" in 'Too Much' and not "It's just a groovy me"...
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  12. The lyrics in the Spiceworld booklet were hilariously bad!
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  13. If they re-release it on vinyl, there had better be corrections.
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  14. In Stop I always thought it was "Don't you know, what can't you see?" when it's actually "Don't you know, why can't you see?".

    I learnt the right words thanks to them flashing up on the ring at the concert this year.
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  15. Two of my fave moments of the year so far have been Spice related!

    One of which was dancing in the torrential rain in Manchester at Spiceworld 2019 with my friends and going on an absolute rollercoaster of emotions throughout the 2 hour extravaganza!

    The second was dancing to their hits with my friends on the back of a Boat we hired in Barcelona a few weeks later!

    Truly special memories from 5 Amazing girls who’s songs have travelled timelessly with me through the last 20 years!
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  16. My own misheard lyric is from Too Much. I thought it was "Slip of fate, I guess we're running out of time too fast", not "Slipped up there, I guess we're running out of time too fast". What I heard makes little sense but I never heard "slipped up there" until I read it!
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  17. As did I, till this moment. The Spiceworld booklet lyrics strike again!
  18. All these lyrics y'all are posting as the correct ones are the ones I've been singing all along ddd.
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  19. Me too, I'm thinking maybe I am a bit more of a fan than I thought. Maybe it's because I was a young adult when they came out, and some of you all were children? Mis-hearing the lyrics as a child and running with it for decades.
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  20. I always heard it as "what" rather than "why" as well. 20+ years of living a lie!

    I misheard a lyric in Spice Up Your Life right up until last year. I heard "colour for both me and you" but it's actually "colourful both me and you". "Colour for" was printed in the Spiceworld album booklet, but was later amended to "colourful". It was someone here who mentioned this!

    I posted about it on the DenDen/Spice Circle facebook group, but most of the fans replying disagreed and were adamant that it's "colour for". It's definitely colourful though, it's clear in the stems:
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