Spice Girls

Anybody know the Instagram of one of the guy Baby dancers? Not the curly one, not the fully bleached one - the other one! Watching If U Can't Dance and get slightly obsessed...
I get that they wanted album sales but a remix of Wannabe as the b-side and that ultra lazy cover couldn't have enticed any casual buyer. The Megamix and Soul Seekerz remixes of Wannabe, 2 Become 1 and Spice Up Your Life were sitting around waiting to be used but were never even released physically
They had Spice Is Back and Angels from the GH sessions. Why not have those songs as B-sides to boost sales? Even Mel C said she liked Spice Is Back. Truly bizarre.
Headlines missed the top 10 because the record label didn't release physical copies and downloads the same week.

1st week downloads 7,197 - #20 on the charts
2nd week downloads 5,900 - #23 on the charts
3rd week downloads and physical copies 14,941 - #11 on the charts

They wasted 13,097 sales during the first two weeks. Otherwise, it's first week sales would have been 28,038 which probably would have given it a top 5 peak position. Credit to Jay over at Buzzjack.

They already "tarnished" their legacy with Forever. That album only sold around 1.5 million copies worldwide and shipped around 4 million. A huge decline from Spiceworld which sold over 15 million copies. They have nothing to lose if they record a 4th album.
Interesting stats there, thanks!
It wasn't that odd, it was what everyone was doing at the time. Downloads always came before the physical single in 2007.
Physical singles coming out a week after its parent album was unusual though, I can’t think of many other major examples other than Headlines & Call the Shots!
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