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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I do think they'll be performing more dates around the world next year, but the Vegas rumour is bollocks.
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  2. this is so cool! i wonder why they didnt do it?!
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  3. Queen of trying to speak things into existence.
    Your statement could’ve ended right there and still been 100% accurate. People may not be “warm” to 2019 Victoria but she was and always will be part of the pop behemoth that was the Spice Girls, even if not an active member.

    That’s not true. People accepted that she wasn’t there but almost all of the comments I’ve heard from people include “it would’ve been even more amazing if Victoria was there”.

    Heh. This is literally Me arriving... well, anywhere actually.
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  4. I honestly can’t see them performing as a band again any time soon.
  5. Did you see the tour?!
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  6. I wonder why Victoria didn't get involved with the Mr. Men series yet seems to be doing the animated film? They're cute, totally harmless to her brand and would've been a great cash grab with minimal effort. All she had to do was approve her Little Miss Posh character. Not to mention Harper would've had a cute new bedtime story
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  7. Yeah, twice in Manchester.
  8. I clicked unfollow the second I left Wembley.
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  9. I left as soon as I found that audio rip.
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  10. I'm glad to have never been part of the Spice Circle group.
  11. Spice Kevsie & Friends Circle Group.
  12. Please don't mention that vile orange thing, I'll end up bringing up my dinner.
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  13. That Kevsie bragged for weeks about having Geri's Man on the Mountain album (showing screen shots of the songs) and then played dumb when it leaked. Same situation with Song For Her. I don't know who he was trying to fool.
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  14. I feel like he probably shared it with friends, thinking they would keep it to themselves, and someone betrayed that trust leading to it being shared more privately and eventually leaking. Either way, I assume it all originated from him and that's quite shit - because although it doesn't seem like anything was coming from it, I recall Geri talking about the leak in an interview, and it seems she was quite upset by it and might have been hoping it would be released some day? Now it won't be.
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  15. The issue for me when it comes to that Kevsie fella and his friends is that they can't differentiate between being a fan, and instead see themselves as friends of the band and therefore they have some "hierarchy" or "rights" above everybody else.
  16. He strikes me as an opportunist, just from some things I’ve seen. And if I say anything more than that, I’d likely get a ban or something.
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  17. God, compiling the pics for my book you don't realise how much they actually crammed in. Photoshoots that took place while they were about to appear on an awards ceremony, then flying to Japan, then another photoshoot, then interviews, then performances... it's knackering just reading it.

    Not enough press attention.
  18. Victoria could literally fart and get press attention, so it must be to do with her personal brand. Or maybe she just hates Mister Men?
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  19. I've never quite gotten over how lazy the tracklistings were for Holler/Let Love Lead The Way. The two singles and then two almost identical mixes of Holler? From the group who used to fill two CD's with literally anything to pad them out?
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  20. Shudders. And the grainy photo. Help.
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