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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I don't think she hates the song that much, she's just annoyed about fans asking for it.
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  2. I agree with you to some extent, but it seems she truly doesn't like the song. Maybe she is just taking the piss at the fans constantly asking for it. Either way it's quite funny.
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  3. I see both sides of it obviously it must annoy her to be constantly asked about a song she clearly wasnt a fan off and has no power over putting out.

    On the other hand the girls performed the song thus putting it out there to have an opinion on and many fans loved it. To do this claiming it's going to be on the new album then not putting it on there is a slap in the face to the fans no matter how you look at it.
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  4. I love that the answer to that question is a lyric from an unreleased song, haha. I guess with all the discussion around the song lately it's been on her mind in recent weeks.
  5. Things change. W.O.M.A.N. wouldn't have fit how the album sounded in 2000 compared to how it did in 1999. Try being a Kelly Clarkson fan - I've seen a few songs of hers live that have never made it to albums.
  6. A slap in the face is a bit too dramatic. I slight inconvenience, at best.
  7. I can vivdly remember going to get the album at Tesco on the day of release - looking at the tracklist and immediately thinking "where's W.O.M.A.N?!"
  8. I think it improved with each show. It was perfect at the final one.
  9. I wonder if W.O.M.A.N or any of the leaked Elliot Kennedy tracks might have been included as B-sides if the Forever campaign had extended to more singles.
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  10. I don’t think they would have if the terrible Holler tracklisting is anything to go by. I love the MAW mix of Holler but using two very similar mixes over both CDs especially when it was a double AA side in the first place was...a tad insulting.
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  11. Playing Viva Forever followed by Too Much, in the bath, is a hedonistic experience
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  12. I have to say, I've always loved 'Woman' live. I always thought it'd have made a great comeback single for them in 2007. I'm sure we will get it in some shape or form and will be truly disappointed, but that live version is fire.
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  13. In hindsight we are lucky we got a third album at all. Melanie C was over the group after the 2000 Brit Awards and Never Be The Same Again going to number one. It's evident in the additional recording session with Darkchild in April 2000. Mel C didn't attend the session, hence why she has no writing credits on those songs (Tell Me Why, Time Goes By, Get Down With Me).

    Imagine if we never got Forever. We wouldn't have Woman or Holler. Now that would be tragic.
  14. Ok but when are we getting the 4K Sugar Lumps version of Who Do You Think You Are?

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  15. What a glow up for this song:

    It’s the only song on their first two albums that sounds dated, but that reworked disco R&B version is so, so good.

    I wish they had really milked the first album before Spice World so we could have had more singles in the U.S., including a studio version of that mix of “Love Thing.”

    ETA: ranking them vocally isn’t so easy. In that performance, their vocals range from good to great, except for Mel B’s, because she’s off key the entire time.
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  16. I love that Stop single cover so much.

    They really were queens of live arrangements. Most of the concert versions of their songs in 1997/1998 were absolutely epic and added a whole new dimension to the already amazing originals. That opening rendition of If U Can't Dance alone, wig! And let's not even get into the life-changing version of 2 Become 1 with the extended outro.
  17. SAME, I need the studio version of this one and Something Kinda Funny, they sound sooo much better than the album versions.
  18. The way they used photos from their YM magazine shoot 3 months after they got sued for using photos from Elle magazine for the Too Much cover without permission

  19. Been watching back the Spiceworld 2019 shows, and I've decided that if and when they next go back on tour, I'm making it my mission to be in either the Gold Circle or close to the stage. The atmosphere looks incredible.
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  20. Forget about Woman, I feel the true injustice here is that the live album they were planning to release after the 1998 tour was never released. They clearly had audio recorded so I’d have thought it’d have been easy to stick on to the Greatest Hits or chuck on Spotify.
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