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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. At least we do have it though it was supposed to be the Birmingham gig that was broadcast on Radio 1.
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  2. It was extremely emotional for sure and to be eyeballed by Emma Bunton was my life made tbh.
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  4. *Praying for a Spice Girls unreleased songs compilation ala Hidden Gems by Ace of Base*
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  5. It's the 20th anniversary of Forever this year.

    If they make a big deal out of that while ignoring the other two...
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  6. Pat


    I doubt they would do a re-release of 'Forever' with demo's, especially since it would only result into more discussion about why W.O.M.A.N. isn't included.
  7. TMI


    Currently listening to the Japanese cd edition of Spice World while cooking, which includes Step To Me.

    Why does this country often benefit from a bonus track in their territory releases? Is there an explanation ?
  8. It's cheaper for those living in Japan to import CD's than to buy them from their own stores, so the bonus tracks were included to give them the incentive to actually buy from their own country/stores.
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  9. CDs are very expensive in Japan, so they get bonus tracks to encourage them to buy albums. I don't know if it's changed by now, but in 2016 CDs accounted for 75% of music sales in Japan compared to 25% in the UK.
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  10. Doing some more searching after What You Want popped up, and both Geri and Emma have a handful of songs that haven’t been listed before. One Emma track caught my eye. Is this the first non-Geri solo track written with the Absolute guys?

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  11. I can’t at Geri being such a We’re Gonna Make It Happen stan. Remember when she tried to force the girls to sing it acapella on Jonathan Ross last year and they (especially Mel C) were having absolutely none of it!


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  13. And then they finally did sing it at the end of the last Wembley show.
  14. Maybe it's going to be used for that animated movie?
  15. Just catching up on this thread and would like to say that Love Thing should have been a single without a shadow of a doubt
  16. It was almost their debut if Virgin Records had got their way.

    The girls however pushed for Wannabe which was definitely the right decision. As much as I do love Love Thing it doesn't sound as iconic as Wannabe.

    I personally feel the right five songs were released as singles from Spice.
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  17. No your right it definitely wouldn’t have had the same impact as Wannabe. I kind of imagine it after 2 Become 1 as a single.
  18. It might have worked as a double a side with Mama instead of Who Do You Think You Are I guess but I'm happy with what happened.
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  19. Currently watching a Fabulous bootleg of Spiceworld 2019 on YouTube.

    Even as a die hard Posh fan, it’s their best show ever! What a celebration! You can’t buy personality like theirs!
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