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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Speaking of fabulous bootlegs, this person has done a couple of edits from last year. I think he’s working on doing the full show but obviously that’ll take a while.
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  2. Been waiting as well. It's such a classic moment for the girls (and French & Saunders). I bet it's in the BBC vaults instead of Virgin's/The Girls collection.
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  3. I did this Holler edit just for fun (there's a little audio cut), I planned to try and do more but I lost the hard drive where I had all the videos I downloaded and sorted.

    That video (and the other ones from him) are spectacular, I just sometimes hate in most edits people try to cram too many angles/different shots in very little time.

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  4. We both had the same idea. Legends only etc.
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  5. Meanwhile at the Horner household...

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  6. Yum that looks good..

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  7. Finally watching the leaked 2008 footage, and compared to the 2019 tour, the magic just wasn't there upon reflection.
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  8. I feel like the whole 2008 reunion was very Americanised which took away some of the original magic they had.
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  9. Really? I haven’t seen either and have been curious how they compared.
  10. Take us all back to this time last year please!

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  11. It was the best few weeks wasn't it? The excitement!

    The girls performing 'Something Kinda Funny' and 'Do It' again after so many years, Geri going back Ginger the night before the first show.... I truly hope they do it all again next year, I wanna do a couple of shows this time!
  12. 24 May and 15 June 2019 are two of the greatest days of my life. A moment I will never forget.
  13. If they don’t extend the tour, I’ll forget be gutted not being able to see Never Give Up live.
  14. They’ve just uploaded another one with Never Give Up as the audio, they seem to have so much footage (gorgeous HQ) footage of them having a blast at all stages of the tour/show. Would love them to release like an hour long documentary showing all the behind the stage stuff! Even if they just stick it on YouTube or IGTV!
  15. That was such a cute one and Geri was so full of life in it so dont get the comments saying she was stiff and uninterested during this tour.

    Her wrapping her tartan blanket around Mel C was heartwarming. Love these girls together.
  16. The tale of the Spice World 2019 DVD.

    “We filmed two full shows.”
    “We don’t have any footage of the tour!”
    “Here’s some footage that we don’t have!”
    “We can’t release a DVD because we don’t have any footage! So to celebrate, here’s some footage we recorded!”

    I’m getting so sick of it now.
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  17. When did they say they filmed two shows? I remember Mel C saying a few days after the tour that they filmed shows for social content but I don't recall anyone saying they had fully recorded them.
  18. Melanie Chisholm was the one who said it, I believe in one of the interviews she did on her Pride tour when she visited Brazil?
  19. 6:27 mark is where she mentions it
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