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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Thanks for this! Spiceworld really is just THE perfect 90's pop album and then some.
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  2. Pepsi didn’t run that campaign in Ireland so I knew nothing about it until 1999 or so when someone wrote in to the fan club magazine asking if it was possible to still get them. The magazine gave contact details for Pepsi’s marketing department and my mom, ally that she is, called the marketing department asking for a copy of the CD. I got it about a week later.
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  3. I think I prefer Spice, I mean both are absolute masterpieces, so what do I know
  4. PTSD. I haven't drunk Pepsi since!
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  5. They really are.
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  6. Pepsi Max does taste better than Coke so the girls had it right this entire time dont @ me.
  7. That's tea actually.
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  8. Pepsi has always been better than Coke and not just because the Spice Girls or Britney sponsored it. People just don’t have taste x
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  9. You have the sweetest mom. That's such a cute story.
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  10. Nice!

    I don’t think the US ever got this promotion in the Slightest. I remember when I found it (years later) and being confused some random song was given a single with remixes package over “Move Over” which was absolutely everywhere.
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  11. Yeah, the US didn’t have any of this promotion. Only thing we had was the Move Over TV ad, which as you say, was inescapable at the time.
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  12. Spice is a masterpiece as well. The album is much more edgy then people realize. Tons of adult themes and sexual lyrics you are not aware of as a child.

    Naked is one of their best songs in terms of songwriting. Using naked as an analogy for a woman feeling free to express her sexual desires is brilliant. Not to mention Melanie C's vocals on the song is a career highlight.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Emma's iconic phone call is a discography highlight.
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  14. How did I forget about Emma's iconic phone call? Emma doing ASMR in 1996. So ahead of its time.
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  15. I think they were definitely heavily influenced by TLCs CrazySexyCool for Spice. Much of the beats even sound similar. If you listen to both one after the other it's a much more natural progression than Crazy > Fanmail.
  16. So is "She knows exactly what to do with men like you."
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    The drama!
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  18. "She wants to play seek and hide, with no one to hide behind"
  19. Isn't the Naked phone call lifted from a movie and voiced by an actress?
  20. It is voiced by an actress, yes.

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