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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have or had other plans in place for revisiting past material and bringing them up to speed as well.
  2. I was the biggest Geri fan back in the day and I know that people grow and move on from what they used to be. I don't really care that she pretty much only wears white, lives on a farm, and has a posh accent. My issue with Geri is that she is too far removed from who I thought she was. In 1999, if you had asked me which celeb would be the most vocal about injustice, I would have said Geri. To me, she represented the underdog and the mistreated and this gave me a lot of comfort as a queer teenager. This is just so different to the tory voting (presumably) person who posts toxic positivity posts the same week that white celebs need to be using their platform and privilege to call out systemic racism. It makes me think of the times I have been in a relationship with someone and fallen head over heels with the person I wanted/needed them to be, rather than who they actually are. That's on me, I guess. I am coming to the conclusion that Geri never really was who I wanted her to be. Maybe she was just playing that role, to get people like me invested in her enough as a person and a celeb to buy her music, books etc.
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  3. Nobody expected her to start touching men's bums or to be back on horses outside G-A-Y or to start her solo career anew but she could have played to the Ginger Spice persona more, just for 1,5 hours, for two weeks or so. Like the other 3 did and had the time of their lives basically. But it's also her life so...
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  4. i was recently thinking how the second wave of Mel Bs fame came with Stefan Belafonte (or whatever he’s name was/is) and how it’s gone the minute they broke up.
    is it just a coincidence?
  5. He definitely pushed her to do more things when he became her manager. It mutually benefitted them both because he was making money (which we know he thrived on) and she could escape from him as much as possible by being so busy.

    Working or not, I just hope she's happy over anything else. She deserves it.
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  6. I rediscovered this leak from a few years ago and honestly, for a leak of a demo, it's a good song!

    We really haven't really been blessed with many leaks in the Spice Girls world which is a shame. Let's hope it doesn't take 13 years for Spice World 2019 to leak unlike the Return Of The Spice Girls!
  7. Also - apologies for the double post - did anyone notice Victoria call Geri a dickhead in the leaked Return of The Spice Girls footage?

    "You did a bunk!"
    "I know, but I'm making amends..."

    God, I love Victoria so much.
  8. Mel B said last year she had to leave the US after getting fired from America’s Got Talent because of work visa issues, but after living there for 20 odd years, why hadn’t she become a citizen? Just musing of course, all her kids must be Americans right?
  9. Doesn’t read like a dig at all to me.
  10. No, saying someone doesn’t have the same vocal range as someone else isn’t a dig. The media will just pit women against each other.
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  11. Not sure if they've been posted already but there's some great quality clips of the tour on Tiago Silva's YouTube:

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  12. I was bored this morning so here is my rubbish attempt at a Forever album cover that no one asked for.

  13. ^ I'll "like" the post because of your work, but that era is just awful and I can't believe it was 20 years ago!
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  14. I don't find it surprising that Geri is no longer in touch with her Ginger Spice side. You could argue that she tried to hold on to that side of herself up until the Desire campaign but she consistently got such a hard time for being desperate and attention seeking that I think she turned her back on that side of herself. I don't doubt she is a difficult character to be around at times and I don't enjoy her new Tory persona at all but I kind of get why she's found herself in this place.
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  15. Just realised it's now over a year ago since I saw them in Coventry. One of the best nights ever, a childhood dream come true!
  16. I remember watching an interview with her in 1996 where she said she wanted to end up living in a castle riding horses, which is pretty much what's happened.

    She's also basically been teetotal since having kids, which I imagine can change your outlook on life and have an impact on your character, particular when that character was Ginger Spice.

  17. Love this outtake. This was for me their fiercest group shoot.

    This is how you make black and white work (unlike Forever)
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  18. There’s barely any difference from the original but it’s a cute shot.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Just popping in to say Holler is still a SMASH but not Spice Girls at all (although I live for Victoria's ad-libs).
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