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Spider-man: No Way Home (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Dec 14, 2021.

  1. Disney could create a Disney+ series because Marvel and Disney own the television rights for Spider-Man, not Sony, but I don't see that happening because I don't see Disney creating a series for characters that they can't use in their cinematic universe.
  2. Been reading that they’ve edited the CGI of the film. Anyone been more than once and noticed this?
  3. This was brilliant. Made me a sobbing mess about 3 times.
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  4. Can't wait for the digital release so I can watch this again. I don't think I'll make it back to a theater.
  5. Saw this for the 2nd time yesterday and I love it. Tom Holland is EASILY one of the best leads, if not the best (I’d say level with Robert Downey Junior). Far better than Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans, that’s for sure.
    So many amazing moments- the three Spider Men arriving at the Statue of Liberty, Ned getting saved by the cloak, the woman from college going to give Otto a piece of her mind etc etc.
    A lot of the fuss seems to be around Willem Defo and Andrew Garfield (they were brilliant) but for me it was all about Tom and Marisa Tomei.
    The only plot hole that bothered me was the final showdown- Peter announces to the whole world where they are and yet NOBODY shows up to arrest them or contain them?? Not even Shield?
    Also was it just me or did anyone else find Strange supremely unlikeable? It’s probably on purpose to feed into Multiverse of Madness but it just felt like a completely different character to Infinity War. Sure, Steve Strange was highly arrogant in his first film before learning his craft, but he becomes a very wise and thoughtful superhero. In this outing he was like a petulant boy half the time (“YOU ruined my spell… the Mirror Dimension, where I’M in control”).
    I really hope Tom Holland comes back- after these numbers, he could negotiate one hell of a fee.
    It may have been a film mostly based on fan service but I can’t think of another Marvel film where there was such a stellar performance from most of the cast.

    Edit (to avoid a double post): My boyfriend isn’t on Pop Justice- I couldn’t understand his ambivalence to Andrew Garfield getting so much praise on here. I thought he was brilliant in this and haven’t seen his solo outings. Turns out he worked with Andrew Garfield on Angels in America and is still a little salty over an argument they had! If anything I’m now even more eager to watch The Amazing Spider-Man! Rewatched Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man over Christmas and that still holds up well.
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  6. This film is a fever dream if you’ve never seen any of the other Spider Man films. So many angry middle aged men.
  7. Saw the movie today and loved it. Already mentioned plot holes aside - without reading any BTS shenanings - I assume the actors playing Sandman and Lizard weren’t available for the shooting and I understand that but their brief isolated head shot scenes in the end felt incredibly distracting to me dd.
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  8. I saw this yesterday and binge watched Homecoming and Far From Home over the weekend, and WOW, I was not expecting Toby and Andrew to be featured in this movie, such a nostalgia trip, great film and I'll definitely be watching again, and I mean all of them, Toby, Andrew and Tom.
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  9. After Andrew Garfield’s performance I decided to watch The Amazing Spider-Man and… switched off halfway through. Don’t know what it was but it was missing something for me.

    It’s a testament to the youngest three in this film that they were still able to stand out amongst such a great cast, eg Willem, Alfred and Benedict.
  10. I finally caught a train to this. It was extremely delayed.

    And... I thought it was a bit meh? I really wanted to enjoy it more.
    It had some good moments, but these Marvel movies are messy these days. A little too much going on.
    Tom and Andrew were great. Tobey, not so much.
  11. I watched this tonight and really enjoyed it. I've loved all of the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies. I also loved the Tobey films but never saw the Andrew Garfield ones.

    I thought Holland, Maguire, and Garfield were great together, loved the chemistry between all three.

    It was nice to see Dafoe and Molina back. They slipped back into those roles like no time had passed, and Dafoe even made the Green Goblin even more menacing this time which raised the stakes.
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  12. To be honest, the Andrew Garfield movies aren't really worth watching. I mean, the first one is fine but just a re-hash of the origin story and the second is pretty dreadful.
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  13. I watched this again and it's very enjoyable but not incredible. It never feels as big as I think it's trying to tell us it is. It's weird.

    But I cried twice. Tomei and Garfield get me every time. Those two beats were played to absolute perfection. Credit to Tom Holland in Tomei's scene too. He was fantastic.

    Benedict's wig is unforgiveable though.
  14. On second watch, I enjoyed it more than the first, and if you take it at face value, it's a brilliant romp and has some incredible moments.

    But I find some of the logic really frustrating. Doctor Strange tearing apart the universe because a teenager distracted him? Jamie Foxx not being a nerd because he had a makeover while traversing the multi-verse? Aunt May dying for no apparent reason? It all being tidied up with a nice bow at the end?

    I'm all for fan-service, when it suits the story, but a lot of moments felt too on the nose for me to completely fall in love with it. Maybe it's because I've never felt overly nostalgic about the previous Spider-Man films (I think Tom's have been the best).

    Saying that, I wish Norman Osborne had found a way to stay in this universe, because his brand of evil was thrilling. He was evil for the sake of it, it was so manic and unpredictable. He didn't give a shit and it was terrifying. It's good to give a villain a proper backstory but to have somebody bombing the shit out of buildings for the sheer thrill of it was weirdly exciting.
  15. I get why they did it, as it gave Tom that moment of relatability with the other Peters when they talk about losing Ben and Gwen, and the "...great responsibility" line.

    But I wish we hadn't lost her. I loved her as May. She's a great actress and she just brought something totally different to this Peter's story. I'd have liked to have seen more of her.
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  16. Yeah I suppose that's my problem with it, is that it was done for a gimmick rather than moving the story forward. It felt cheap.

  17. Noooo!
  18. This is depressing.
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