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Spider-man: No Way Home (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Dec 14, 2021.

  1. I just saw the film and really enjoyed it. I was surprised it made me tear up a few times. Hearing Aunt May say the words I expected to hear from Tobey Maguire’s Peter… gave me goosebumps and then seeing her die… An unexpected moment and I’m sad she’s gone. I guess you could call her Haunt May now.

    Overall, the film was a bit fan servicey but it worked rather well and didn’t feel like a big mish mash of content like the previous Spider-Man 3. Overall, I’d probably give it a B+. I really enjoyed Andrew Garfield’s Peter so much in this too. I just rewatched Amazing Spider-Man and enjoyed it quite a bit. The second one is still complete trash though. He still looks so good in that suit!

    Also, Charlie Cox remains one of my absolute favorite MCU castings ever. I need him back as Daredevil and for Elektra to come back (either Elodie or someone else).

    I do love how they left him in a place that allows him to be more like the Peter in the comics and less like the Iron Man mentee we saw before. Can they please bring on Felicia Hardy now?
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  2. You never feel like any of these Marvel heroes are in any type of danger or threat though, do you? Even when there is potential to turn the scene into something like that they have the characters making jokes/quips so it ends up being funny. I just wish once in a while you actually ended up on the edge of your seat wondering if someone was actually going to make it through or survive or be badly injured etc. but they never let things get to that point.

    Even in this movie, when you had Toby's Spider-man being stabbed it was a second of "Oh shit" only to quickly be "nah, he's fine." So it made the whole moment utterly pointless.
  3. I do think from now on, the Spider-Man films will lean more into stories with more stakes to them as Peter won’t be able to depend on Iron Man technology anymore. He’s in a place that he hasn’t been since the solo Sony Spider-Man films. Making his own suits, living on his own, and trying to survive.

    They really need to introduce some characters we haven’t seen on the big screen. I would personally love for Black Cat/Felicia Hardy to finally make a live-action appearance as a love interest/foil with Scorpion as the main villain.
  4. Ever since Infinity War I’ve definitely been on the edge of my seat thinking heroes are going to die. The moment they killed off Loki a few mins in, it was fair game for anyone to go. Then in the Eternals they started killing brand new people off as well.

    I think with the MCU becoming such a long running property now, and characters/actors being retired from the series, heroes are in more peril of dying than the earlier phases.
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  5. I mean… I thought he was going to die, and then they signalled that he was okay. I don’t think that makes it ‘pointless’, or that drawing it out would have made it better.
  6. With all the fan service present how did we not get a recreation of this:

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  7. I think they did this in the lab, without their suits on.
  8. Watched a matinee showing and not too crowded in my theater. I'm sorta glad? Because I was wiping away tears alot while still laughing and enjoying myself. What a fantastic roller coaster ride! This movie really pulled on the heartstrings! I'm glad with all this Andrew Garfield love, definitely the best Spiderman and he showed us why in this film.

    The special effects had to be one of the best in an MCU film? The FX team did an amazing job juggling so may characters and scenarios. Also the direction and cinematography needs to be applauded! These recent Spider-Man films are the only MCU movies that understand the visual language of the comics and then brings them to life on the big screen!

    I can't wait to see this again, probably in 3D!
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  9. Of course it’s not enough, but personally I’m sick of trailers revealing everything about a film.

    What I’m saying is that, had the reaction to her have been muted, I would agree. It’s clear that people are excited to see her and the short shot of her casting a spell in full Scarlet Witch costume was enough to show general audiences that she won’t just be a cameo.
  10. This is one of the reasons I liked The Eternals, I really felt like there was a fear of death - I genuinely worried for Thena at the end.
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  11. I’ve been working on the visual effects team for Multiverse of Madness for more than a year, so it’s gratifying to see promo material start to make its way out there. Excited for you all to see it!

    Opting not to watch No Way Home on the big screen until after Christmas due to Om*cr*n, but can’t wait!
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  12. This is exciting!
  13. Went today (I'm fresh out of Covid isolation so about as safe as I'll ever be) and really enjoyed it. The blatant fan service was something I'd worried about but it didn't feel too smug and was generally pretty well executed.

    It was a very responsive audience as well. When Andrew Garfield appeared, the guy behind me let out a gasp so loud I was half expecting to hear "¿Qué haces besando a la lisiada?"
  14. The trailer for Multiverse didn’t seem super spoilery to me? Obviously I haven’t seen the film so I have no idea whatsoever but it was giving first third of the film only for me.
  15. I’m really glad that the film ended without MJ or Ned remembering Peter, it’s not what I expected from an MCU film, but I thought it was a great bittersweet ending, where not everything was wrapped up in a neat bow, but there were actual consequences.
  16. Does it mean that in Tobey’s and Andrew’s universes that everyone also forgets their Peter Parkers? Or is it just Tom Hollands one?

    I’m trying not to think too hard about all the logistics but the thought struck
  17. I thought there was an absolutely huge spoiler towards the end of it, but perhaps you didn’t catch it (or you don’t think it’s spoilery). Either way I’ll say nothing!

    I did think showing a trailer instead of an end credits scene was a missed opportunity for a Spider-Verse nod, or some Kang action.

    I’m a bit disappointed really that Kang isn’t looming in the background of some of the Phase 4 films. He was great in Loki.
  18. Yes! This is so cool. Also, does it feel strange getting spoiled by work? (Not asking you to break NDA’s, just curious how it feels as Someone seeing bits of it as it’s being created.
    What do you think was the big spoil? Feel free to use spoiler tags for those who don’t want to see it.
  19. Wasn’t it supposed to make all those people coming through from other worlds forget too? So I presume they’ve all forgotten! Meaning Tobey’s MJ too….
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