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Spider-man: No Way Home (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Dec 14, 2021.

  1. Bet it’s even more complicated now. Spidey 1 could have really given them a heads up
  2. Just imagine if they hadn’t revealed any of the villains or anything like that. It wouldn’t have been as iconic as Vader revealing he was Luke’s father.
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  3. I thought the reveal that there are going to be two Steve Stranges is a huge plot point to spill in the trailer. Could have been a mind blowing moment but… now we know
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  4. The fact that it was revealed in the trailer makes me think it’s a big red herring.
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  5. Well…
    that’s because it is
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  6. We all know that Darkhold is corrupting Wanda
  7. I really love the little redemption arc they gave Andrew in this film. He was by far my favorite part.

    When he saved MJ and looked so relieved afterwards… I nearly cried.
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  8. I presume the Wanda we see talking to Strange was the same Wanda we saw in the post credit scene of Wandavision. Her astral form is probably somewhere with the Darkhold.
  9. Ooh could be.
    It's crazy that Wanda is pretty much spending months and months up there reading up on the Darkhold since the events of Westview.
  10. I think what made Andrew's inclusion so special was that it felt like an abandoned character getting the warm send off and closure that he deserved. I honestly couldn't stop staring at his big fluffy hair and goofy smile. It also helped that he chewed every scene he was in. Academy Award Nominated King. I can only pray Sony knock their hollow skulls together and green light a third adaption of TASM

    This shit should have been called Spiderman Homerun because i literally loved it sm

  11. I’ve seen it twice now and the second time the audience was a lot less reactionary that makes me so thankful at how receptive the first time was because now I keep thinking about their reaction to this moment and how perfect it was.

    I can’t remember what the reactions were when I went to see Endgame but hoping I keep the memory of that first screening of No Way Home for a while because - and I feel like I’m getting corny here - that’s all you want when you go to the cinema, to be engaged, surprised and entertained and No Way Home absolutely did that whatever narrative issues and whatnot it may have.
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  12. The same source who has been right about every marvel leak so far has said that DAREDEVIL and KINGPIN will appear so heavily in the upcoming ECHO Disney+ show that it’s almost like it’s going to be DAREDEVIL season four. PUNISHER will make his entrance into the MCU via “Armor Wars,” and JESSICA JONES will appear in “She Hulk.” Both LUKE CAGE and IRON FIST will make their debut eventually, but both will be recast with different actors. It’s also been said that GHOST RIDER will be in “Dr Strange MOM,” so there’s a whole lot to be excited about.
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  13. To be fair, I wouldn’t recast anyone, just have Colleen Wing be retconned as Iron Fist in this universe.
  14. I'd probably put all of that stuff in Spoiler tags in the main MCU thread. Even though people are talking about Spider-Man freely in here, they may not want actually spoiled about upcoming stuff.
  15. Yeah, the audience reactions live in the cinema have been unreal. Like that’s where I struggle with the Marvel criticism a bit - yes they have a bit of a monopoly on cinema screens and yes they clearly follow a distinct formula, but they have meticulously built a mythos with such love and care, and they’ve made people care about these characters so much that they physically stand up in the cinema and cheer. That is completely obscene. It’s like a night at the theatre. That scene with MJ was literally a decade in the making and was the pay off for scenes that first happened in fucking 2014. The entire film was just so rewarding as a fan.

    And I agree that’s why it felt so special to have Andrew back. It was lovely to see Tobey but his arc was fulfilled and his story didn’t feel incomplete. With Andrew, his time was unfairly cut short - it was great for him and his character to finally have a bit of closure here. I really truly would not be against The Amazing Spider-Man 3. It wouldn’t make a bit of sense in terms of continuity, but I think it could be great.
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  16. The Spider Men had such a great chemistry especially Maguire and Garfield. I’d love to see them in something together, whether it’s another Spider Man thing or something else.
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  17. As much as I would love to see Andrew and Tobey’s Spider-Men again, I feel like they should just keep it to this film so it doesn’t cheapen their return.
  18. I hope they take this even further next time and have the man in my avatar come back as both Captain America and Human Torch.
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  19. I would’ve liked an epilogue at the end of the film, where we saw all the villains and the Spider-Men return to their time lines, as I’m unsure how it will work, since a couple were bad people even if they were cured. Also, I was hoping for a Kirsten Dunst cameo.
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  20. Exactly the same for me. Seeing him return to his timeline would have been the natural time for her to appear. A shame!
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