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Spider-man: No Way Home (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Dec 14, 2021.

  1. Who's the man in your avatar?
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  2. Chris Evans who played Captain America in MCU as well as Human Torch in the 00's-Fantastic Four-movies.
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  3. When Andrew caught MJ!!!! I wept.
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  4. I wish they'd spent more time on that, it was SUCH a powerful moment but seemed to get skimmed over
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  5. I'm also completely shocked that the leak from months ago of Andrew was REAL! I thought it was fake... how did that end up leaking?!
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  6. I was certain it was a deepfake. King of denying it and actually being convincing about it.
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  7. Could y’all explain to me what leaked in regards to Andrew?
  8. Don’t say something dirty, don’t say something dirty…

  9. Literal 8k raw footage of him on the set, there's a Youtube video of someone claiming to be the leaker and how they faked it and I was convinced.

    I bet Marvel/Disney/Sony FLIPPED when it leaked...
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  10. Wouldn’t it be Sony flipping? I know all studios are prone to leaks but they really need to find a way to have their stuff locked down more. I’m glad I avoided most of the spoilers and hope to avoid the Dr Strange Multi’ ones.
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  11. Oh yeah, I forgot Sony! Maybe that's the reason it leaked... I believe it's pretty rare for MCU films to have major leaks with exception of some plot points?... I can't really remember. Certainly not actual footage.
  12. That was pretty excellent tbh, I wasn’t terribly nostalgic for any of the old spiderman movies (it really hasn’t been that long lol) but what they were able to make out of the concept was impressive. And for it to serve as a conceptual reboot of the character was actually a very big brain moment from marvel.

    It addressed so many of the original complaints about this MCU’s Spider-Man.

    Too much of a tech-hero/Tony Stark sidekick? Stripped him all down to basics, there’s tech, but within his own humble limits.

    Peter being a pseudo trust fund kid? That’s all gone, no billionaire support system now. He’s the (incredibly) broke Peter Parker people were literally begging for these past few months…

    Secret identity returned, and the chip on his shoulder about letting the people he knows get hurt because they know his secret is now bigger than ever.

    He’s classic flavour Spiderman now, through and through, even the costume. This change of mindset bodes well for the future of the MCU too (the X Men might get a more by-the-books adaptation now…).

    That’s just kinda bold and crazy. Willing to stop and do a comic book reboot of a character, in universe, while retaining your timeline for everything else. And since Steve and Tony are off the table, we don’t really have to spend too much time witnessing Peter rebuilding these relationships, he’s just gonna make new ones.

    Wonder how many more films Tom has in him…
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  13. Well this was an experience. Too much to unpack. I laughed and cried. The premise itself and the plot had some holes in it but my god did this pack an emotional punch. Tom Holland is just too good at making me cry. Bring on Dr Strange and Wanda.
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  14. I'd be okay with Andrew returning as Spider-Man in the Kraven film, mainly because the Kraven film needs to a Spider-Man to justify its existence, but I agree that neither Tobey or Andrew need to appear in a film as Spider-Man in the lead role in the future. No Way Home was a nice check-in with Tobey's Peter Parker and gave closure to Andrew's Peter Parker.
  15. That was so powerful.

    I didn't even see his movies, but even I felt the impact of that moment for him.
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  16. Give her her own leading movie, you cowards.
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  17. Whilst it was great to see him again and he did give us a great performance, the reality is that his Spider-man movies were not good. I'm not sure I agree that his time was unfairly cut short because those movies never felt like they were their own thing. The first was just a rehash of a story already told in the first Spider-man movie with Tobey and was unnecessary and the second was just a mess (aside from the Gwen scenes). I doubt anyone was wanting an Amazing Spider-man 3 and I'm not sure it would have gone done any better than the first two if it had been made. So I think it was the right time to pull the plug and it felt like Andrew (at the time) was more than happy to walk away from the franchise.
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  18. Wow! Thank you for letting me know. I'm glad I didn't see that prior to seeing the movie. That is shocking for such a big movie to have something leaked like that. I'd heard about his door dash, but that seems so specific I imagine they must've gone after who did it.
  19. ADM


    After so so long waiting for this, I seen it yesterday..

    ..in the worst theatre audience I've ever, ever been part of. So many children, up and down to the toilet constantly. At one stage it was like a corridor in there. They got bored then cus this isn't 'cartoon spiderman' as they want. Then there was a teenager beside me chewing so loud, digging for popcorn, slurping, on his phone (on loud!). I had to tell him to be quiet at one stage. They were laughing when Aunt May died, we couldn't even enjoy the movie properly.

    I feel like it was a blur now because of all the distractions, but the other Spidermen reveal was amazing, when Spiderman 2 caught MJ, whew.
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