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Spider-man: No Way Home (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Dec 14, 2021.

  1. Christ I'm so happy to see how well this is doing.
  2. There is nothing worse than a terrible cinema audience. I remember seeing Iron Man 3 in a similar situation- laughing at all of the serious parts. It completely sours everything.
  3. It’s interesting to see how this will perform at the box office in the long run considering the lack of China release and (likely) fresh restrictions.
  4. I think all my worst cinema experiences have happened since the introduction of the 12A certificate. There was a kid at No Time To Die who seemed to need the film explained to him scene by scene.

    If your child isn't old enough to sit through a film, if not in complete silence but at least giving it their actual attention, they're not old enough to watch it.
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  5. Kids in film screenings are unbearable. I wish they did ‘adult only’ showings for those of us who don’t want to be surrounding by children. My worst experience was a woman once bringing a very young baby in to the film (I think a Harry Potter movie) and it was screaming for most of the movie. Have some self awareness!

    Saying that though, the last few times I’ve seen films at the cinema it’s not just been kids. I had to shout at a woman who spent most of it snap chatting her friends and chatting to her boyfriend. The fucking nerve to come in to a movie and spend the whole thing not watching drives me insane.
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  6. I'm thinking it will reach a billion dollars but just barely. It was released in the perfect window. In s few weeks Omnicron will start shutting down theaters worldwide again. SO glad it didn't get pushed back.
  7. I guess that's when you opt for a late evening showing so hopefully the kids are in bed!
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  8. Watched this weekend in a full packed cinema with friends, WOW, what an experience. We clapped, we cheered, we cried. Andrew MUST return as Spider-Man in some capacity, he was outstanding! So sad Tom Hardy and Tom Holland won't interact, a missed opportunity... The Dr.Strange 2 trailer at the end, amazing! We cheered so bad when Wanda appeared. Will go to see it again just for the experience of the shared feelings with the rest of the crowd.
  9. I’ve seen it suggested on Twitter that perhaps Andrew could be the Sony Peter and carry on with Venom etc, and Tom remains as the Marvel Peter. A mess, but I really would love to see Andrew as Peter again. But also I’m itching for live action Miles! I kinda thought there might be talk of wrapping up Tom’s Peter to open the door for Miles, but it doesn’t seem like Tom is going anywhere.

    But regardless, do we think all this makes Spider-Man the most popular superhero? Or would it be Batman or Iron Man? Just feels like this film has really shown how dedicated people are to the character and to every iteration of him that we’ve had on our screens for the last twenty years.
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  10. Hasn’t Spiderman always been one of the most popular superheroes?
  11. Yeah, and I’m wondering if he is the most popular.
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  12. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    What was the point of the whole Venom thing? Surely, they could have brought the symbiote into the MCU literally any other way.
  13. I think it's definitely between Batman and Spider-Man, not sure which of the two would be the most popular though.
  14. I don't think the intention is to bring Venom in, it was really just a funny throwaway scene along the lines of Howard The Duck's appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy.
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  15. There was some symbiote left on the bar after Tom Hardy went back to his universe. Felt very much like a teaser for what future Spidey is going to face.
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  16. This is my favorite Spider-Man movie.
    This is the best Spider-Man movie.
    This is the best MCU movie.
    So excited for whatever is next for Spidey.
    Speaking of, I have a theory:
    I think Miles will be introduced in the next Spider-Man film, and will be a character throughout the next trilogy and in the third movie will become Spider-Man, replacing Peter.
  17. I think it says a lot that even Andrew's terrible movies have that iconic scene but in the entire trilogy on Marvel the most memorable moment will always be when they bring back the other Spider-men.
  18. Even after the MCU raised his profile, I don't think that Iron Man was ever close to being the most popular superhero. Spider-Man is probably Marvel's most popular superhero and probably the most popular superhero overall.
  19. That was Feige & co. feeding Amy Pascal & co. crumbs after she'd spent much of Venom's promo cycle hinting that Venom was a part of the MCU when we all knew that the films weren't.
    I highly doubt that we'll get any Symbiote-related shenanigans in Tom Holland's Spider-Man films while Tom Hardy's Venom series is still active.
  20. I think we will see the symbiote appear. There’s a reason why a tiny piece was left behind in the post-credits scene… It might not happen right away but it leaves the door open to have it be an actual “alien” symbiote and not whatever it was in Venom’s universe.
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