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Spider-man: No Way Home (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Dec 14, 2021.

  1. I don't think Iron Man is even close to them? We still have the likes of Wonder Woman and Superman. Sure in this last decade he's been in these billion dollar movies but I think as a brand it still lacks a lot. People like Robert more than they like Ironman itself.
    I think Batman is unbeatable. He's got the successful and acclaimed movies, the comics, the games, the animated tv shows and movies. Hell, even his villains have standalone stuff: Catwoman, Joker, Harley Quinn. But Spider is probably second for sure.
  2. I'm not all that familiar with the comics but do they have 'adult' Spider-man? I always just assumed Sony wanted to keep Peter as this younger adult therefore once the actors involved start getting older it's time to reboot etc.
  3. Spider-Man grew up in the comics. He went to college and then he became a teacher for a bit in the 2000’s. Though I’m not too sure where he is now… it can get confusing.
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  4. There have been Spider-Man stories that allow Peter Parker to grow up and grow older, but I do think that Marvel's status quo is keeping him as a young adult. In fact, one of the stories that inspired No Way Home, One More Day, came into existence because Marvel Comics then editor-in-chief Joe Quesada felt dissolving the Peter Parker and Mary Jane marriage and returning Spider-Man to his roots was necessary to preserve the longevity of the character for the next 20 or 30 years.
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  5. Spiderman really is about naivety and hope, he's supposed to be camp and stupid and fun, which is why being young lends well to the character. Age introduces those 'everything I touch dies' narratives that are at odds with the hope and that's where the character splits into whether those sacrifices strengthen his resolve or cause bitterness. Holland has done a great showcase of this through the three films so far.
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  6. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I did really like the ending and Andrew’s reaction to saving MJ. I mean, gravitas? In my MCU? I’m intrigued that they’ve hit reset on everything I didn’t like about the MCU characterization (the nanotech, the instant connection to the Avengers, the ragtag high school adventure vibe) but curious about how fast they’ll retcon it. I know I was in the small minority who didn’t like this iteration of Peter Parker so I’m surprised they’ve gone down this route.
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  7. Also can we talk about that final glimpse of the new suit??? Peter said gay sequined rights
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  8. ...It's an alien symbiote in Venom's universe.
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  9. I watched it once and got bored. I remember a friend telling me the sequel was going down a different route (didn’t see that one) or something. They were also big Venom fans from he comics and didn’t enjoy the films.
  10. Yeah they establish it's an alien symbiote right at the start of the movie, and didn't change that in the sequel either.

    The movies aren't masterpieces, but I found them fun enough.
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  11. Oops. Consider my statements a moot point. Is the sequel worth watching? I’m the Spider-Man fan type who doesn’t love Morbius and the Man Spider version of Spider-Man.
  12. Venom 2 is a riot I loved it
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  13. I adored this and have seen it twice.

    It wore its heart on its sleeve amongst all the explosions and quips in a way that felt more Buffy than anything else I’ve watched in a very long time.
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  14. I actually thought it was pretty weak… It felt like they wrapped Carnage too quickly.
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  15. Venom 2 was awful from start to finish. It wasn't even fun bad.
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  16. Yeah I was being pretty diplomatic; it’s not often I leave a film not having felt entertained, especially superhero films. Venom 1 I did enjoy but this one felt empty.
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  17. Yeah, admittedly, I won't rewatch Venom 2. But the first one held up reasonably well to a rewatch. I'm really childish and giggle at Tom's Venom voice quite a lot. I like the sassy attitude it has. Although that might have actually been the only thing I liked about the sequel come to think about it.
  18. Quite nice to see pretty much universal praise for Andrew Garfield in this. Apparently he's now expressed his interest in being Spider-man again but who knows if that will be allowed.
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  19. I think everything is fair game now we're in multiverse territory. They could bring him back on board without any issues. I'd love that for him.
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