Spider-Man Thread (including Across the Spider-Verse)

This spoiler-free 22 second review of the movie sealed the deal for me that i can safely be 100 out of 100 excited and not get let down. I couldn't be more excited. I'm pained i have to wait yet another day before i see it.
Youtube has spoiled it for me today with multiple recommended videos where the thumbnail was actual scenes from the movie from the most spoilery moments. The video titles were also very descriptive. Delving a bit further and there's legit footage up there already. All from new accounts that I've never watched before, with no previous videos. Fuckers.

I can't get to the bloody cinema this week now so I think I'll just abandon trying to stay totally spoiler free and dive in. The reviews are really making me happy. I'm so glad they've pulled it off.
Well as someone who doesn't want to go to the movies right now but is very interested in spoilers, I can't wait for you guys to spoil it for me.
I enjoyed this, loved it in parts but also think it had a weak act 1, especially given the main gags had all been revealed. The part in the middle with Aunt May was excellent along with a lot of the stuff after that. But I wasn't expecting it to be wrapped up as neatly as it was - I really thought it would bleed into the next movie a bit more.

My eyes rolled at Venom in the mid credits scene but the Multiverse of Madness trailer gagged me a bit.
I know it’s not as good of a film as Endgame but for me, it hit me a lot more in the feels and nostalgia that it was more enjoyable (maybe!).
Just got back and I would agree that I maybe enjoyed the cinema experience of it even more than Endgame.

The little moments that got me:
'I'm something of a scientist myself'
May's 'great power' bit before her demise, just like Uncle Ben.
The portals moment when we got our two Spideys. (There was a moment before Andrew came in that the whole cinema realised what was about to happen)
"Amazing. You're 'Amazing'"
Andrew's Spidey saving MJ.
I cried at so many different points for so many different reasons. The cinema in Hackney went crazy for Andrew and crazier for Tobey. It was so well done.

This hit more than endgame for me
The cinema went a bit more wild for Andrew, purely because he was the first reveal and it was more of a moment - taking off the mask to reveal his face. Tobey’s was more understated but still got a huge reaction.

There’s a sequence of the three of them swinging together in the final battle which gave me goosebumps.

This was an outrageously good film (even though it was pure fan service).