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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by panzermensch, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Anyone else into danish electropop band Spleen United? The've just released their third album School Of Euphoira and its rather awesome! Electronic pop music for the club dancefloor. You can check out the 2 first singles from the album here;

    Days Of Thunder

    Sunset To Sunset

    And as a little bonus I'll trow in their recent cover of Justin Timberlakes My Love (which isn't on the new album)

    Booked 3 shows of their forthcoming tour of Denmark, can't wait as they are amazing live. If they arrive somewhere near you, go!
  2. Agree. Saw them in New York and London over the last few years. Fantastic live band.....
  3. Went to Spleen concert last night and it was simply amazing! I know I'm biased as I love this band to bits but these guys are really onto something unique when playing live. They play a straightforward set of electropop songs, but in between some of the songs they grabbed little soundbites from the song they just played and jammed it into a couple of minutes of mindblowing technorave stuff. Brilliant!

    You really should check out their new album School Of Euphoria, its effing awesome!
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