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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race Down Under T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. RJF


    The BBC will have definitely stipulated that Ru was hosting the UK version, I feel.
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  2. BTG


    Yeah, Ru’s husband is Australian. So I’m fully expecting Ru to have a surprisingly bizarre knowledge of ridiculous, niche aspects of Aussie pop culture.
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  3. Amiel - Obsession for lip sync song please!!!
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  4. Night of 1000 Deltas!
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  5. Night of 1000 Tina Arenas.With this lip sync.

    Also, Kylie is in Australia at the moment. Is travel to NZ possible?
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  6. Night of 1000 Amorosi's

  7. Night of a thousand Melissa Tkautz.

  8. Fuck Ru and Michelle, have the panel made up of Delta Goodrem, Vanessa Amorosi, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Holly Valance Candy and watch this be the highest rated show in Australian history.
  9. Can the Ru-sical challenge be Tina! The Arena Spectacular? A gal can dream.
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  10. The potential for a Drag Race Down Under is huge. I’m sure one of the main challenges will be to act in an Aussie soap.
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  11. I can actually picture Ru being a Prisoner Cell Block H or Sons And Daughters fan
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  12. Be interesting to see who they can get into New Zealand to guest judge.

    As I am not sure they'd allow people in to film just the one episode.

    Perhaps we will get Sally Martin, former Power Ranger and half of the first same sex marriage on New Zealand TV on Shortland Street.

    Is Lorde currently in New Zealand?
  13. Just for her dragging Kevin Sorbo's Trump-loving ass across the coals; Lucy Lawless.
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  14. I just can't wait to give y'all the knowledge and background when this all happens, as the Oz spokesperson...
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  15. I love
    by Missy Higgins <3

  16. So basically if they pay his additional (probably v high) fee.
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  17. I think there was a very brief Kath & Kim reference in Season 8 or 9 that had me gagged.

    Night of a thousand Kaths NEEDS to happen.
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  18. Vanity appears to have broken her arm and is needing to go to surgery, according to her Instagram story.
  19. Ddd I read this and thought it sounded like a classic excuse the girls used to give before they dropped off social media for filming but then I watched the IG story. The gag if it simply turns out to be in elaborate hoax to throw people off the scent!
  20. Ru spending his entire time on this show talking in a bad accent and making Kath & Kim references... Maybe I'll watch.
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