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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread (AS5, S12)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

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    This season seems like it's going to have a lot of surprises. Surely India can't really beat Ongina/Cracker/Blair ddd.
  2. I already hate AS5.
  3. Apparently it's not exactly 'Lipsync Assassins' but returning All Stars and winners. I think Monét is the guest lipsyncer for ep. 1 and Alyssa for ep. 2.
  4. I can handle legitimately anything if it ultimately lands Shea a crown and $100K at the finale.
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    OF COURSE Monét would be back.
  6. Wait, yas at Untucked being a separate show

    I hope we get a Mimi vs Everybody moment
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  7. Congrats to India getting 10k then.
  8. Probably more than she's made from drag since S3, teebs.
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  9. It’ll be a first seeing her get a pick-me-up without Mimi around.
  10. Monét had two really great lipsyncs (Pound the Alarm & Fighter) but isn't really an assassin. Love the return of the All Stars Untucked.

    It's gonna be messy galz!
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  11. I did see that, yeah, but I’m hoping that since nobody else has yet to confirm it that it’s mere speculation. Fingers crossed.

    What’s interesting is that there’s very little news as to how Mariah’s doing, which is... potentially promising?
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  12. Queen Aja scamming her way into the show despite winning 1 of her 3 lipsyncs.
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  13. I expect we'll see Ongina again once the eliminated queens return. Eliminated queens still get airtime on Drag Race, which is s good thing.
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  14. The rumour mill is currently entering its peak mess phase, but some prevailing threads of info seem to put the first four winners (we've filmed four eps - these winners are not necessarily in order) to be:

    - India x 1 (likely eliminated soon after)
    - Shea x 1
    - Jujubee x 1 or x 2
    - Blair (if Juju x 1)

    Likely just speculation, but Shea and Juju are apparently receiving the 'favourable' edits thus far. Seems unlikely that anyone could really gauge that, but hey. The case for Ongina leaving second is, unfortunately, strengthening.

    Apparently the LSA wins ep 1, and all bar one safe queen chooses Derrick to leave. Alyssa seems to be ep 2, and loses to the winning queen (likely Shea or Juju - the latter having the better lipsync track record on Drag Race).
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  15. India pulls off a Tatianna stunt - I could NOT believe it!!
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  16. Apparently Cracker is the 3rd out?

    So Derrick, Ongina, Cracker?
  17. Ongina and Cracker going home before India and Mayhem? I could not believe it.

    The tea seems curiously quiet on Alexis and Mariah.
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  18. What an unexpected turn out so far if tea is true, kinda wish I left this season unspoiled now.
  19. One of the spillers that they tend to trust more on Reddit has the eliminees as Derrick, Ongina, and India, which I'd suspect is probably more accurate? Who knows, but back to back Ongina/Cracker seems pretty woah. No word on the fourth person yet.

    Other bits coming through are that the LSA for episode 1 was likely a previous season winner (main or All Stars), and that the lipsync battle in ep 3 is Monet vs. Shea.

    Tasks seem to be:

    - Ep 1: Talent Show
    - Ep 2: Writing, singing, dancing, performing
    - Ep 3: AirBnb/Hotel challenge
    - Ep 4: TMZ-style improv challenge
    - Ep 5: Snatch Game (probably Snatch Game of Love)
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  20. I can't wait for Monet to lose another lip sync.

    Episode 5 seems pretty late for Snatch Game. There'll be like 5/6 queens remaining.
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