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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread (AS5, S12)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

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    Poor Ongina.
  2. Ongina will be in a few episodes at least. Does anyone know which queen returns to the competition?
  3. Allegedly nobody will be Ruterning this year. Allegedly.
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  4. I'm not even sure we've reached a part in filming which would be a natural point for that to occur. We're only just about to hit the midway point, so I imagine if it is going to take place, it wouldn't have happened yet.
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  5. I'm glad Mariah is thriving.
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  6. It's sad but it would not surprise me if Ongina did not did not do well as she did on her season, honestly.

    India winning though... Jade Jolie was robbed
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  7. India possessing more talent than the other queens is the gag of all seasons

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  8. India could reenact her weather girl skit on the main stage and I'd be gagged tbh.
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  9. I'm living for this messy tea. Cracker being an early out? India smashing it out the gate? Mariah being a silent predator? The lip-synching confusion.
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  10. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally doubt they wouldn't go out of their way to protect Cracker.

    If she doesn't reach the final, she'll be close.
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  11. I still don't get what "Prison, honey" means Ddddd.
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  12. Sam


    Me when Ru tells India Farrah “you are and always will be an All Star”

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  13. Oh I forgot Mayhem was casted
  14. Sam


    Also me when Ru tells Mayhem “you are and always will be an All Star”

  15. BTG


    Yaaaaaaas send Cracker home early, she can only wish to be as iconic as India’s OH HAIL NO STORM.
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  16. Cracker crashing out and becoming a punching bag akin to Pandora doesn’t seem unlikely, but I can’t see how it would happen with this cast. Surely she’ll outlast India, Derrick and the other S10 girls at least?

  17. Only an icon. I hope she pulls off another heist, but this time it's worth $100,000.
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  18. Do you think Cracker deserves to outlast a truly talented individual such as India?

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  19. I cant wait to ironically stan India in the main thread to the point i actually start stanning her
  20. My heart is telling me Jujubee, but my mind is saying India.
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