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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread (AS5, Winner's Season)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Very weird but a bit refreshing!
    Looks like Crystal has the most social media support by likes/retweets etc and the other 2 very close. It’ll be interesting to see if the team look at this and decide to go with the peoples vote given how close they have been so far.
  2. Hopefully not considering two of the contestants amount seven wins whilst Crystal has one.

    I mean, it’s one thing for the report card to not be the determining factor but one might as well throw it away.

    I prefer her to Gigi, personally, but would find it a bit bizarre.
  4. Didn't Yvie only have 1 win? The report card was chucked out a while ago I think.
  5. Yeah if I remember correctly it was...

    Brooke Lynne - 3
    A’keria - 2
    Silky - 2
    Yvie - 1

    Even Nina West had more wins than her (2) and didn’t make the top 4.

    I wouldn’t discount Crystal just yet, she’d be a much better winner than Gigi at least.
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  6. They're lip-syncing so that automatically means Crystal can't win, right? Even if I'd prefer her to Gigi dd
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  7. I think the reunion really cemented a Jaida win for me.

    Crystal and Gigi are both fresh young talented Queens but still have a way to go in certain areas and will have good All Stars runs in the future, once touring has given them some further experience.

    Jaida is an all rounder, fully fleshed out winner who deserves and is ready for the crown.
  8. Really depends on the song choices. If Gigi really does "an 80s song" she already has an advantage over the others by catering to Ru's tastes.
  9. When Crystal does Rhythm of the Night by El DeBarge... Ru will have no choice.
  10. This better happen!
  11. ni
    Nina provided better looks, better humour and deserved to beat Silky Nut-rash Ganache.
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  12. Crystal would be such a worthy winner if it was based on fan votes. It's about time we had a queen spreading joy and kindness.

    If it's based off of lipsyncs (which it usually is now) then Jaida is rightfully snatching that crown.
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  13. Jaida SHOULD win, but Crystal's growth has been wonderful to watch, so seeing her win would be amazing.
    I imagine this is what was like for those who watched season 5 as it was airing.
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  14. lol people do so, so much on Crystal. She's adorable and I want to eat her, but she'd be the most mediocre winner by country mile.
  15. You want to do what to her?
  16. I think comedy is just harder when you have such little time. Don't they get like 90 seconds or something?
  17. I don't find Gigi as offensive as some of you. I quite like her and feel like I've maybe missed something that turned so many of you off. I thought she came across pretty well in her Watcha Packin episode too, and Michelle clearly likes her a lot.

    I think, when she's not in her own head, she's hilarious in the comedy challenges. She speaks to my sense of humour completely. She can turn a look like nobody's business and she's a great musical performer. I'd be totally happy with a Gigi win.
  18. That's right but Brooke didn't deserve all 3 of those, particularly the makeover which should have gone to Vanjie.

    And the Monster Ball which should have gone to Scarlet, even though they didn't place her top 3 that week...
  19. All Stars 5 Snatch Game of Love tea from the same recent (and, again, apparently reliable) Reddit spiller

    Shea does Flavor Flav
    India does Jeffree Star
    Blair does Ellen DeGeneres
    Cracker does Lady Gaga
    Jujubee does Ertha Kitt
    Alexis does Walter Mercado

    Winner is Shea.
    Eliminated is India.

    Both Alexis and Juju do well.

    There is conflicted tea about the bottom for this one. Blair is rumoured to never land in the bottom up until her elimination and a recent tea said Cracker also never landed in the bottom until the finale, but several other sources says she bombs the Snatch Game. So it's either a unfair bottom for Alexis or Juju while Cracker is unfairly safe, or she is indeed in the bottom 2 along with India.
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  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Blair doing is Ellen is....not great timing. Unless she drags her.
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