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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread (AS5)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Tonight’s runway. Everyone looks great. Crystal looks amazing and Jaida’s serving. Gigi looks cute but I wish for once she’d go the extra mile.

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    Jackie giving us Shuga Trolls realness. I can't stop looking at Jaida, whew!
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  3. Someone should’ve paid homage to Ursula!
  4. Purple is one of my favourite colours, so I've been anxious for this runway.
    Crystal and Jaida look incredible as always, but Heidi's gown looks so beautiful on her.

    The idea that tonight is Jaida Vs. Heidi... At least they'll look stun doing '1999'
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  5. Omg Gigi as Daphne is cute to me.
  6. Jackie as a Purple People Eater, Crystal as Crystal Going to the Grocery Store, Heidi as Pageant Queen, Gigi as Daphne Blake, ............., and Jaida’s Prince serve. Kinda living all around.
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  7. My only critique for Gigi's look is I wish she had some matching go-go booties; she's tall enough to pull them off.

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  8. Daphne doesn't wear go-go boots in any of her iterations, but it's not like the green tights or white shoes are accurate either so honestly why not.
  9. I know, I just thought that because the look feels very 60's go-go by way of Daphne Blake, that they would've brought the look together a little more than a pair of plain white heels (Especially when the runway assignment is purple)
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  10. dsfdsfgdfg scream.

    The way I thought I absolutely cracked the code based on the edits we got in the first 3 episodes. To be completely honest I'm still shocked Rock and Nicky were early outs plus Widow fading into the background.

    The only one I truly and completely missed the mark on was Gigi. And I guess Jan but I didn't expect the mistreatment of her.

    edit: yeah I knew from the moment Sherry was disqualified that she'd be in the Top 4. There would be no need for a disqualification otherwise.
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  11. Jaida’s runway was such a serve. I’m in awe! I agree with Ru that the top 6 they had are some of the best girls they’ve had in YEARS on the show. Sherry’s disqualification ruins what has otherwise been a very strong season I reckon.
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  12. Jaida giving us Whoopi Goldberg on Star Trek: TNG eleganza. We love to see it. Crown her.
  13. I hope the downward trajectory of Gigi Okay means they’re angling to crown Jaida.
  14. I just remembered what the lip-sync twist is in AS5 and I can't wait to see how people react
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  15. Both of Miz Cracker's elimination choices being her season 10 sisters makes me very perched. Isn't it rumored she gets a villain edit?
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  16. Shea eliminating Ongina on episode two won’t be pretty either.
  17. Apparently the tea says she 'plays mind games and no one trusts her', so probably she'll try to manipulate and twist the new lipstick voting system? If she manages to be this messy, I might stan her.
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  18. She's probably going to be this seasons "I'm just going to eliminate my biggest competition", except maybe she won't stupidly shout that out across the workroom week 1.
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    It's going to be so interesting how they deal with S12 now - do we actually know if someone's leaving in the next episode, or are we to expect an edit where Sherry is eliminated and Jackie and Crystal both go through???
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  20. It's crazy to me that we've known for like a year now!
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